Dmitry Chaplin Choreographing for So You Think You Can Dance

Dmitry fans, set your DVR’s! Looks like Dmitry is one of the choreographers on this week’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance:

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Dmitry is the 2nd DWTS pro to choreograph on this season of SYTYCD – Louis choreographed a samba back in week 1. Also appearing on this coming week’s episode of SYTYCD? Anya Garnis of the Vegas troupe, who will be dancing with one of the contestants as an all-star – maybe in Dmitry’s piece?

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Also semi-interesting to note: despite what Heidi & I have pointed out to be a strong anti-ballroom bias on SYTYCD, the two female ballroom contestants this season, Lindsey & Witney, are still in the competition – and I think they’re actually the two strongest female dancers with the best chance of winning this season.  Both apparently have attended Chelsie’s studio in Salt Lake City, and have also worked with Mark.  Hmmm…anyone else think we might see them as troupe members or pros on a future season of DWTS? 🙂

Special thanks to @DMITRYDREAMTEAM for the heads up about Dmitry 🙂 Be sure to check out our sister site, Pure SYTYCD, for more news & updates on the current season of So You Think You Can Dance 😎

UPDATE: Check out the cha-cha Dmitry choreographed for contestant Cole & all-star Anya below 😎

ETA #2: Check out a cute interview with Dmitry after the show, where he talks about what it was like working with Cole & Anya and whether or not he agrees with what the judges had to say about Cole’s performance.  Thanks to reader Maria for the heads-up! 😀