Kirstie Alley On DWTS “It’s tough and sparkly and 100% The REAL DEAL”

We haven’t seen many interviews with Kirstie Alley yet for Dancing With The Stars. For now, it’s fun to watch her tweets (as it always is if you are a fan!). She says something about Dancing With The Stars or her partner Maks Chmerkovskiy just about every day or so. She’s also been campaigning for Carson Kressley to fill the wild card spot. Can you just imagine the trouble those two will get into on the show when encountered or inspired? 😯

Also, Kirstie has taken some time to address fans and haters to she and Maks. This past week, she wrote, “Thank you SOOO much for your support and kind words to @MaksimC and me…& to the *******: keep rockin that hate it makes us STRONGER :)”.

Then on Thursday, Kirstie tweeted, “Just wanted to say..DWTS is THE most REAL reality show on TV..what u see is what u get.. It’s tough and sparkly and 100% The REAL DEAL!!” Did Kirstie mean these words in addressing Hope Solo’s Dancing With The Stars comments in her new book since this is when the story broke out about them? Not sure, but, it sure is an interesting tweet regardless. For more on this topic, be sure you read our Hope Solo on Maks and DWTS – Opinion Piece.

If you are a fan to Kirstie, be sure to follow her twitter account here. What’s fun too is that sometimes she’ll even tweet back to you.

Picture above taken of Kirstie leaving the Greenwich Hotel in New York City on June 7, 2012 courtesy of Zimbio Pictures.