Dancing With The Stars Lacey Schwimmer Hired As Choreographer For Strictly Come Dancing

Pictured above is Dancing With The Stars Lacey Schwimmer with the current cast of Strictly Come Dancing. According to Telly Mix, BBC1 has hired Lacey to be a choreographer for the show. Below is a take from the link…

The Beeb has been helping out the Strictly team here in the UK ahead of the new series launching next month.

The brunette beauty, related to Friends star David Schwimmer, revealed on Twitter this week she had been working with the show’s professional dancers.

She wrote on the online social networking website: “Off to work with all the hunky men of Strictly Come Dancing… goodness my job is so difficult ;)”, and even posted a picture with the Strictly pros.

The launch show is set to air on September 15 while the first live show will follow three weeks later on October 5.

You can read more at Telly Mix. Picture above courtesy of @JandOJordan at twitter.

It sounds more and more like Lacey might be preparing or moving on from the TV version of Dancing With The Stars? If true, it makes me a little sad. I wasn’t a big fan, but, I really enjoyed Lacey’s pairings with Kyle Massey and Chaz Bono. I also think she’s one of the best choreographers from all the dancers. Let’s get Miss Heidi and Court’s thoughts. I deem this day as Miss Heidi and Courtney Appreciation Day. Love my Sis’s so much. Who is with me?

Courtney: Since seeing Lacey in the Vegas show, I’ve kinda gotten the vibe that she’s happier there, and maybe isn’t terribly eager to return to the tv show.  I think she enjoys the fact that she is basically the head female pro in the Vegas show, while she has to compete with a ton of other female pros for attention on the tv version.  I think it also allows her to stretch her legs choreographically and actually do a lot of the creative, out-of-the-box stuff that she wouldn’t be able to get away with on the tv show.  For those same reasons, I think she probably jumped at the chance to choreograph for SCD – and honestly, I think SCD could use a bit of a breath of fresh air, considering that I hear from most who watch both DWTS & SCD that the latter is kinda boring & old-fashioned in comparison to its US counterpart.  Who better than to liven things up than Lacey? 🙂 I also find it telling that she doesn’t seem to be too jazzed about the all-star season, even though I’m pretty sure she’ll be the one coming back to partner either Kyle or Carson, if one of them wins the voting for the 13th contestant.  Maybe she’s known all along that she’s got all of this other stuff going on that is a lot less demanding (physically, mentally, & emotionally) than the tv show.  Regardless, good for Lacey – if DWTS is being wishy-washy about whether they want her or not, I don’t blame her for accepting an offer from a show that clearly DOES want her.

Heidi: Strictly could certainly use Lacey, but I got the feeling that this was a one-time deal, not a recurring theme. I could be wrong.  I know that viewers of that show have been begging Derek to come over there as a pro for a few years (maybe they beg the others too, but I only have a Derek related search on my tweetdeck) because they see him as more exciting than any of their pros. But they will NEVER get Derek, Maks or any of the pros that have a regular spot on DWTS for the simple reason of money. From what I’ve heard, the US pros get better pay (by a lot) and used to get housing during the season. I’m not so sure that last bit is true any more – I noted a whole bunch of pros buying houses/condos all around the same time.  Of course, the US version of the show is seen by a LOT more people and the exposure is better.  None of the pros with a regular gig would voluntarily go to the UK version. So, it might be that Lacey sees some writing on the wall…or this could just be a one time thing.