DWTS Pamela Anderson Helps Win Plight To Save Baby Abused Elephant

Not only has Pamela Anderson been readying for Dancing With The Stars, she, along with Paul McCartney, has been trying to recently save an elephant from India named Sunder. Sunder has suffered multiple injuries after being mistreated by his handler and kept chained in the dark for seven years at the Jyotiba Temple in Maharashtra. Below is a quote from the Times India from Pamela….

“I am in tears over the plight of the little elephant, Sunder, who you so kindly gave to Jyotiba Temple with the best of intentions. I am sure you are also crushed by what has been done to this little soul. He is the age of one of my sons, and as sensitive as anyone’s child. Like other victims of abuse, he will be scarred for life mentally, as he already is physically”, writes Anderson, the mother of two. “I’m sure you feel as I do that elephants are precious creatures of God, and it is a crime against Heaven that he could have been allowed to be treated like this. Sunder must be rescued without delay. May everyone, including me, count on you, please, to save this youngster?”

Good news! Yesterday (Thursday), the Indian Express reported that Sunder will be moved from the temple to a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centrer near Bangalore after an intervention by the country’s Forest Minister Dr. Patangrao Shripatrao Kadam.”

Huge props to Pamela and everyone who helped to save Sunder and not giving up! She’s already a winning All Star in my opinion. You can see and read more on Sunder here.

Picture courtesy of Zimbio Pictures.