Dolph Lundgren Gives Kym Johnson Martial Arts Lesson, Kym Expecting Intense DWTS Season

As we reported to you in a previous posting, Kym Johnson is helping to host “Star Fit” on the BeFit Channel. Below you can watch her with “Expendables” star Dolph Lundgren. Check out how he teaches her some wicked martial arts moves. These two are hot together! I wonder if he’d ever do Dancing With The Stars? 😯

Speaking of Kym and Dancing With The Stars, Sophisticated Hairstyle Guide has a new interview with Kym. She discusses make-up, hair, and Dancing With The Stars. Here is what she said about the cast and All Stars partner Joey Fatone. She’s expecting it to be “intense”.

How does it feel to be paired with Joey Fatone again for the All-Star season of Dancing With The Stars? What’s his secret dance weapon?
He has the funniest personality; the audience loves him. He’s really warm and friendly and he’s a performer. He was in N’Sync forever and he’s a natural performer, so that’s going to be his draw card. But everyone is so good; there are six previous winners, so someone who was supposed to come in first could go home the first week. Hopefully it’s not Joey and I. It’s definitely going to be very intense.

I think so too. Bring it on! You can read the full interview at Sophisticated Hairstyle Guide.