Dancing With The Stars All Star Title Shoot Interviews And ABC Title Shoot Promo (Videos)

Thanks to Access Hollywood today, here are some interviews that took place during the Dancing With The Stars All Star Title shoots a couple of weeks ago. These are great. If they post more, we’ll be sure to add them. Also, before you watch the interviews below, be sure you see THIS ABC TITLE SHOOT PROMO TOO!! A MUST!!! Ok, onto the Access Hollywood interviews. If for some reason the videos don’t work, you can see them at Access Hollywood.

First, Mark and Bristol talk of the trainwrecks they had the first time they danced. Mark is excited for how great Bristol looks this time. He says they will take it week by week and will look forward to each challenge. Bristol thinks that’s the best attitude to have going into it.

Here is Chelsie and Helio! Helio discusses the good shape he’s in since he’s been racing. Hopefully, this will give him an edge in the competition. Chelsie is confused about what kind of racer he is.

Being Melissa is a mother now, she has her priorities, but, she’s hoping to dance well. She wants to stay healthy and not break Tony’s nose again. Tony wants them to challenge themselves. They are the underdogs and he wants the fans and the judges behind them.

Pamela says she’s looking forward to being put into uncomfortable postitions again. 😯 Tristan giggles. She can still do the splits. Tristan keeps giggling. They are excited to be dancing together.

You can see Pamela and Tristan dancing in this one (Thanks for the heads up JustMe)….

Kym wants Joey to unbutton his shirt more this season. He shows off his leg muscles. 😯

Kelly talks of how much her feet bled the first time dancing. Val says he was only 10 at the time. He likes the judges. Kelly only likes them if they give constructive criticsm. Val says she’s already a winner. She just wants to be the best “me” that she can be.

Gilles talks of his nightmares of dancing again. He wants to be a soldier for Peta. He says his 6 year old daughter looks like Peta. She wants to be a dancer. He’s preparing to shock his body by getting in shape.

Shawn Johnson talked of she she got “the call” to do the show again. Derek is so excited to have an Olypmian as a partner. He’s “geeking out”. Derek says this is going to be a “dynamic cast”. It’s going to be “really cool”.

Drew is like Yoda. He remembers how hard the judges were the first time. His dogs are howling already.

Karina and Apolo just want to have fun. Apolo is already tan. He doesn’t need to tan anymore.

Emmitt reviews the competition. He wasn’t sure he should dance again, but, being scared is in his blood.

Lots more in the videos themselves!!