DWTS All Stars – And the 13th Dancer Is…. (Live Blog)

It is 7:20 in the east and, as you might have guessed, nary a mention of DWTS. You might have guessed this because of the interesting confluence of the Republican National Convention and Hurricane Issac. Of course, GMA will beat the crap out of both topics, but right now the emphasis is on Issac what with the 7th anniversary of Katrina coming up on Thursday…and Issac is heading for New Orleans.

Prince Harry on Lockdown?? Come on, GMA, really??

ETA 1: Okay, so 6:30 and they just teased it and the winner and partner are both in the studio. They showed them in silouette. Hmmmm….number 13 and partner. Looks like Sabrina. But that hair could also be Lacey, although Louis is the one in NYC right now.

ETA 2 Vogue here: Please LEAVE PRINCE HARRY ALONE! I love him! πŸ™

ETA 3: They show all three contestants and they dance teasing us some more. Wow Lara, step up revolution. πŸ˜€

ETA 4: Heidi’s back!! πŸ™‚ I love Prince Harry too – let a young guy have some fun. Of course, I think he had more fun in Vegas than even Derek typically does, but geez!!

ETA 5: Geez, GMA pimping Dance with Me once again. Poor Maks, he has it so rough. :::rolls eyes:::

ETA 6: I would like to thank GMA for their bit on Ryan Gosling…holy hot 6 pack!!! Is it hot in here??

ETA 7: Okay, the announcement is coming up next at 8:15! Stay tuned!

And the Winner is…..SABRINA BRYAN!! To the surprise of absolutely no one, and after more pimping about this than the All Star cast as a whole.

And Louis is her partner just as we said he would be. Louis disses all his previous partners, claiming that he can go all out with the choreo now. Β And they are saying it’s exciting because she was chosen by the public. Er…yeaah. Let’s see what happens when she’s up against the power houses of All Stars.

A couple screen caps…

And here is where I make a crack about how I was right…and Marky caught his plane finally. πŸ˜€

Vogue here with some video coverage:

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ETA 8: The first of the Pepsi-sponsored “After Party” segments is set to start at 9 AM EST.Β  Not really sure how this works, but here’s the link, if you want to check it out…I’ll be keeping an eye out to see what it’s all about.Β  Hopefully πŸ˜‰ -Court-

ETA 9: Looks like both Vogue and I are having problems accessing the After Party – I only caught about 20 seconds of video before my computer started buffering endlessly.Β  The basic gist I got is that it’s just a recap of old Sabrina footage from season 5, and Sabrina answering questions submitted by viewers on Twitter.Β  Maybe Vogue will be able to find and post video of it later πŸ˜‰ -Court-

ETA 10: This is Vogue again and here is some coverage of the After Party today. I loved the part with Tony! He talked of how he choreographs, what Melissa is like now versus when he danced with her the first time, and how stiff the competition is going to be this season. More below (let’s hope this works. Be patient. It stops and goes a lot)…