DWTS “Who Wore it Better?” – The Pre-Season 15 All-Star Edition, Part I!

This season, we opted to do things a bit differently – as we have with just about every other regular feature we do each season, since the format is a bit wacky, to say the least 😛 First, we’ve divided WWIB into two parts – mainly to accomodate the fact that Kirstie & Maks’ and the 13th couple’s (who we now know to be Sabrina & Louis) promo photos have yet to be released, but also to buy us some time for the labor-intensive task of finding good pictures for some of these 🙂 Secondly, we’ve included the couples’ promo photos from their original seasons for comparison as well.  But as always, we’ve offered up our usual snark commentary on each of the costumes, for your enjoyment 😎

Battle of the turquoise & black lace corset dress/Kelly & Alec vs. Kelly & Val:  Kelly & Alec’s season 1 promo pic vs. Kelly & Val’s season 15 promo pic vs. Edyta in the season 9 pro tango demo

Courtney: The Iceman cometh! Wow, even Alec’s promo pic screams “I have no emotions” to me.  And while Kelly is a bit better, I still wish she’d actually smile in her promo pics – the whole “smoldery non-smile” she does just seems like she’s trying too hard to me.  And I’m probably the only one that feels this way, judging from some of everyone’s initial comments on the promo photos, but I’m not really all that wild about Kelly & Val’s pic…you’ll see I’m not much of a fan of the couples that went the “smoldery” route with their promo pix.  As for the costume itself – gotta go with Edyta on this one.  Granted, it’s hard to hold a candle to Edyta in pretty much ANY costume, but I think I like it better with a lace skirt, as opposed to a fringed one.  And while I was cursing under my breath while putting this edition together about how BAD some of the costumes have gotten since Randall left, I thank my lucky stars we’re not still stuck with Designs to Shine, who costumed the first season. Can we say “tacky”? 😯

Heidi: Val sez, “You…are sooo sexy.” To which Kelly sez, “You are sexy, but I am sleeping with my cousin’s best friend’s husband’s brother and am simply toying with you as a cover to hide our true looove….” That is my long winded way of saying, Kelly is a soap actress…they only do smolder.  Sometimes well, sometimes not – and Val is a huge step up from Alec in terms of emotion and Kelly has evolved to smoldering with her mouth *closed*. 🙂 The dress you ask? I go with Edyta sans fishnets.  Although I think it’s cuter in the shorter length.

The verdict: Just say no to soap opera smolder. 

Battle of the sparkly mesh, blue-feathered Latin dress/Drew & Cheryl vs. Drew & Anna: Drew & Cheryl’s season 2 promo photo vs. Drew & Anna’s season 15 promo photo vs. Chelsie’s salsa with Roshon in season 14 

Courtney: Ermagerd, Muppet costume!!! Thankfully, they seemed to have ripped off a lot of the extraneous featherage from when Chelsie wore it, so the end result is considerably less “Muppety” for Anna (although she still vaguely reminds me of Rosita from Sesame Street). Gotta say – I think Drew & Anna’s promo pic is my favorite this season.  They both just look so damn excited 😀 Drew & Cheryl’s ain’t bad, but I think Drew & Anna’s is just hard to beat…he looks a bit more relaxed and happy in he & Anna’s photo.

Heidi: Anna just looks amazingly happy – it’s a good look on her. I did read though, didn’t I, that Anna added a blue feathered boa to the body suit??  I think it was in pieces and she made something up. I looks like Chelsie’s body suit chopped up.

Courtney: If you look at Chelsie’s costume from another angle, there actually is a sort of feather boa-ish bustle on the back – I’m guessing Anna just added a bit more of the blue feathering to make it one uniform color…plus she ripped all that multicolored jazz off of the front of Chelsie’s costume and had them rip off a sleeve.  The end result is indeed better 🙂 And there does seem to be a good deal of disassembly/reassembly going on in the costume department these days…

The verdict: Sometimes, chopping up costumes is a good thing. 

Battle of the silver fringed Latin dress/season 4 Joey & Kym vs. season 15 Joey & Kym: Joey & Kym’s season 4 promo photo vs. Joey & Kym’s season 15 promo photo vs. Shannen’s season 10 promo photo vs. Edyta in the season 10 opening pro dance vs. Kym’s cha-cha with Donny in season 9

Heidi: Well, first off, NO ONE beats Kym Johnson in terms of great photography in redone costumes. 🙂 But this costume has always been kinda weird – at least in terms of DWTS. Too gape-y and not fitted. I know they’re going for a particular look, but it’s not one that I care for. 🙂 It’s not one that I can NAME at this point…

Courtney: Joey & Kym’s promo photo from this season is another one of my favorites, for the simple reason that they don’t seem to be trying too hard (like some certain other couples…), and you can clearly tell that they get along and are happy to be dancing together again.  Their photo says “we’re good friends” rather than “we may or may not be engaging in coitus after hours”.  I really like their original one, too.  But I’m not gonna lie – I’m getting pretty sick & tired of the silver fringe dress reappearing every so often.  I thought it was kind of a strange costume to begin with, but now I’m just altogether over it – and Kym seems to just LOVE it, as she also wore it for her cha-cha dance duel with Jaleel this past season.  If she keeps it up, we may have to add it to the “burn immediately!” costume list we’ve started, along with Lacey’s razorblade bra & the big red Muppet dress 😛

The verdict: No one beats Kym…except this bizzare silver getup. 

Battle of the dark blue sequined mini dress/season 8 Melissa & Tony vs. season 15 Melissa & Tony: Melissa & Tony’s season 8 promo photo vs. Melissa & Tony’s season 15 promo photo vs. Oksana in the season 12 opening troupe dance

Courtney: Wow Tony, you sure are creative with your promo photo poses! You just moved your left hand a little higher and your head a little lower and BAM! New pose.  When you gonna drop Blue Steel on us, Zoolander? 😛 Anywho, this is another one of those dresses that looks more like something from the clearance rack at Wet Seal than something out of the DWTS costume department…which is just further proof for me that the current costume department has gotten pretty lazy, compared to the hard work Randall seemed to put into every costume.  Anyone else think that Oksana looks like a blonde version of Melissa here? Their expressions seem identical, as does their dress.  I guess I’ll go with Melissa, for the simple reason that Oksana and her lethal weapon hair irk me to no end.  😛

Heidi: Yes, they are VERY similar except for Oksana being stiff as a post. 🙂 But the smiles are kinda freakishly similar – all those teeth. A tad bit scary…like Bride of Chuckie or something.  :::shiver::: All three pics are the same, facially, right down to huge smile and slightly squinty eyes. I will pick Melissa for the same reason that Courtney does….plus I don’t think hair choreography is actually a legitimate dance form. 🙂

The verdict: Hairography kills…and Tony needs to expand his repertoire of poses. 

Battle of the blue lace, open-sided tango dress/Gilles & Cheryl vs. Gilles & Peta: Gilles & Cheryl’s season 8 promo photo vs. Gilles & Peta’s season 15 promo photo vs. Peta’s 2nd Argentine tango w/Donald in season 14

Heidi: Gee, what a choice. I pick Peta with Donald mainly cuz that is one long, bare leg and I HATE the front stomach panel with the cut out sides. And those neon flounces do NOT help the situation at all. 🙂 I also tend to favor solid colors and not a whole bunch of crap that makes one look like a well-frosted cake.

Courtney: Though Gilles is one pretty man, he sure doesn’t seem to take very pretty promo pictures…in both, he looks a bit pained & uncomfortable to me.  I kind of hate both ladies’ dresses – Cheryl’s is just a ridiculous smorgesbord of neon on black, and Peta’s is…barely a dress.  🙂 But at least Cheryl isn’t trying to be as over-the-top sexy as Peta – seriously, what is with that face?! I don’t know if it’s just because it’s the all-star season or what, but some of these couples are trying WAYYYY too hard, methinks.

The verdict: We’ll give it to Peta for having the cojones to don a costume with no sides whatsoever. 

Battle of the short, black lace Charleston dress/season 11 Bristol & Mark vs. season 15 Bristol & Mark: Bristol & Mark’s season 11 promo photo vs. Bristol & Mark’s season 15 promo photo vs. Melissa’s Charleston w/Mark in season 9

Courtney: Hmmmm…does Bristol look a tad different to any of you? 😉 Looks like she’s dropped about 20 lbs…and a few extra chins.  But I’m not gonna hate – as I’ve always said, I don’t really understand why some people get so hung up on plastic surgery, and if it helps someone feel a little bit better about themselves, I say go for it…and I actually have to applaud Bristol, because she seems to have had some very conservative, tasteful work done on her chin.  Physically, I actually think she looks very pretty – on the inside? That remains to be seen 🙂 While I think she looks cute in the Charleston dress, I guess I’m just a little tired of seeing Bristol in all black – her old promo photo was in a black dress, her Argentine tango was in a black dress, her paso doble was in a black dress, her waltz was in a black dress, her freestyle was in a black dress, and now this.  Guess I was kinda hoping that with her new, more slender look, she would be a bit more adventurous and pick a bright color – rather than the go-to, slimming black.

Heidi: This girl ain’t pretty on the inside, and how tasteless is that gun pose?? Yeah, like we need more of that in this country. Then when you take points off for Mark’s spats and dorky glasses? Melissa wins. 🙂

Courtney: Agreed, but I’m actually going to defend the gun pose a bit…I kind of like that Mark went the self-deprecating route 😛 I’m beginning to get the feeling from this pic (and Mark’s seeming disinterest in this season thus far) that Mark kinda knows he’s screwed – so he’s at least going to have fun and act like the biggest stooge he can.  I’m fully expecting him to pull every single face he has in his repertoire, don every single pair of spats he can get his mitts on, and generally just act extra amoeba-ish this season.  Can’t wait 😛

The verdict: You can makeover your face…but can you makeover your personality, too?

Keep an eye out for the release of Kirstie & Maks’ and Sabrina & Louis’ promo photos, which are set to be released this week – and then wait for baited breath for the 2nd installment of our season 15 edition of WWIB 😉