PureDWTS15 Preliminary Show POLLS: VOTE For Your Top 3 Favorite Couples, Who Will Win, 1st Eliminated Couple

POLL TIME again, Everyone!! Now that we know on the 13th couple, let’s get some preliminary show numbers on your top THREE favorite couples at this time, who you think will win the new Dancing With The Stars All Star Season, and who you think will be eliminated off the show the very first week. Vote below and let us know how you voted in the comment section. NOTE: while watching the voting results, keep in mind that these numbers aren’t always accurate being some fans figure out a way to alter the polls πŸ™„ , but, we’ve done our best to stop that from happening. Ok, ready? Do to it in these three new polls (be sure to click the “read more” link after the first poll to see and vote in all three polls if you are viewing this topic from the home page) and thanks so much for your participations!! πŸ˜‰