Mark Ballas Discusses His Chances of Winning DWTS All Stars With Bristol Palin And More (New Interview)

Mark Ballas talks about the Dancing With The Stars All Stars season with Entertainment Weekly. He explains how the pros had nothing to do with partnering and he’s not upset to be partnered with Bristol Palin. Below is more about how he gets her to lighten up, how they handle negative press, their chances in winning, and more.

What’s it like having a partner that generates so much press?

It’s a big responsibility. When the tabloids go nuts, it can be tough. I’m not here to talk about politics or about what her mother says. I’m here to dance. This show is called Dancing with the Stars. I’m here to train a person, make them feel comfortable, beautiful. But it can get frustrating. This is not what the show is about.

Any negative press about Bristol must get in the way of rehearsals, too.

Of course, it’s in the back of her mind in the studio. I have to get her to forget it. I have to distract her.

What was always job one with her?

I was always trying to bring her out of a shell. Maybe we weren’t the best dance team, but we were the most improved.

How are you feeling about your chances this season?

She looks amazing. She’s lost weight and she is getting in shape. She might be more confident, ready to get out and shake it. We’ve been through this process before. I told her to do some homework, re-watch all of our dances. She has to bring it out even more this time. Last time, it came out moderately. She’s a sexy girl. She looks great dressed up. She has to own it, to not be shy. This show is about taking you out of your comfort zone and owning it.

And her costumes this season?

This time around I’ll see if she’s willing to try a sexier outfit.

I’m very curious to see if she’s done her homework? Time will soon tell.

You can read the full interview at Entertainment Weekly.