Dancing With The Stars Mark Ballas Talks On His Guitar Collection, New Music, And More

The Huffington Post has a new interview up with Dancing With The Stars Mark Ballas. He talks all about his love for guitars, his music, and the new album he’s working on. Below is a take which includes who he’d like collaborate with and talk of a sneaker line. Be sure to read the link for more on his music career. There are some cool pics of his guitar collection as well.

RH: Sounds sexy! Is there anyone you would have interest in collaborating with musically? Anyone you are currently working with?

BALLAS: I’m currently working with producers and writers whom I have the utmost respect for. I write all my own music but I love collaborating with other talented industry people. I’ve been in with Wizz Dumb and Jozzy (Dope By Accident) out of Miami, Timbaland and his whole camp, the Beamer Boyz, Jim Beanz, Thom Russo, Andre Meritt, and Sha. A list of artists I’d like to collaborate with or do a feature with? John Mayer, Robin Thicke, Ellie Goulding, B.O.B., Florence Welch (Florence And The Machine), Ed Sheeran, Nora Jones, Shakira. Also, Missy Elliot and Justin Timberlake of course…

RH: So many on that list I love as well. Do you see any other collections in your future? Perhaps autographs from all of the celebrities you have worked with on DWTS?

BALLAS: Well, I love sneakers, so I think my next collection will be all kinds of dope and wacky sneakers.

RH: I’d love a sneak preview at what is in store for Mark Ballas next. Anything you care to share?

BALLAS: My album is really my main priority and project. I recently signed with new management and the support from my publisher, BMG is really making everything come together. I’m looking forward to connecting with a label partner and releasing an album that portrays who I am and what my music is all about. I can’t wait to share it with everyone. I’m concentrating all of my energy and passion on this project.