Dancing With The Stars Producer Conrad Green Says The Dance Duel Is Gone And More

Entertainment Weekly has a great Fall TV Preview for some returning reality shows. It gives some little hints for what to expect including Dancing With The Stars. Guess what? There will be “NO DANCE DUELS” for the new Dancing With The Stars All Star season. Producer Conrad Green says they are going to make the whole season about celebrating the past. They plan to make the game harder and more bold with celebrities at times. Hmmm? Below is more…

What To Expect This Season: The Dance Duel is gone, but 13 familiar faces return for the first-ever All-Star season. We’ve got winners and runners-up, original partners and some all-new pairs — and even more former contestants will perform on the Tuesday results shows.

Green says: ”We’ll probably try to change up the competition slightly to reflect the fact that all of our stars have done this before — so we’ll try and make the game a little bit harder, or get a little more bold with the celebrities at times. We’re going to try to make the whole season a celebration of the past.” —Annie Barrett

You can read more of Entertainment Weekly’s Fall TV Preview here. Thanks to Evaine for the heads up on this news!!! I have one thing to say…. THANK GOODNESS FOR NO MORE DANCE DUELS! Let’s get Miss Heidi’s thoughts….

Heidi: Thank you baby Jesus! So, did he figure out on his own that the dance duels were a horrendous idea or did he actually hear lots of bitching from the judges and fans? Or all of the above? The judges never really seemed pleased with the idea and really, did it ever work as they intended it to work?? This season would only be worse, since some of the better dancers (Sabrina, Kelly) could have smaller fanbases than some of the lesser dancers (Bristol, Pam). Can you see Sabrina and Kelly in a dance off?? Sabrina might be better, but I would bet she has less draw than Kelly.  Or even worse, what if some crazy set of circumstances pitted Drew against Joey??  Shawn against Drew??  It had the potential of being a train wreck, not to mention that I don’t know anyone who actually thought they were a good idea. Let the dances and the votes stand on their own.

But what the hell does he mean when he said “a little more bold” with the celebrities??  Even MORE manipulative packages?? Scanty clothing?? What does that mean??  As for making the game a little bit harder – well sure, as long as it’s logically harder. Like the judging being tougher, holding them to the standards of the dance more, or even eliminating the stupid “no lift” rule.  But really, when Conrad starts talking like this, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous.  His track record ain’t that great. 🙂