DWTS Kym Johnson On Joey Fatone’s Cuban Heels, The Competition, And More (Rehearsal Interview, Video)

Kym Johnson tells E News that she isn’t putting up with any of Joey’s nonsense. She’s been making him wear Cuban heels and he’s always complaining, but, the two are having a lot of fun. Below is more from E News including Kym’s thoughts on Gilles Marini being the one to beat. Be sure to see the link for more.

“He was a bit lazy season four,” Johnson said. “He didn’t wear them all the time and I let him get away with it, so it’s my fault. So now I’m cracking the whip a little more. I’m not taking any of his nonsense.”


At the moment, Johnson says, Gilles Marini is the one to beat. “He’s in there all the time and rehearsing,” she said. “And just look at him—he’s so handsome. I said to Joey, ‘You know, Gilles is going to take his shirt off.’ So Joey said he’s going to paint his abs on. I was like, ‘That’s not quite the same.'”

Here they are on Entertainment Tonight in rehearsals too….

Below is Kym and Joey on Access Hollywood as well talking on what they hope to improve, their competition, and their goals. This is good…..