DWTS “Who Wore it Better”? – The Pre-Season 15 All-Star Edition, Part II!

So at long-last, we have EVERYONE’s pictures, since Kirstie & Sabrina’s were released last week.  We can definitely see the chosen color pattern for this season was blue, purple, and various shades of black, white, and silver – and after going through all these pictures with a fine-toothed comb, I can see that the costume department has been extra busy hacking apart, dying, and generally futzing around with pretty much any costume they can get their hands on.  The few costumes that seemed to escape the carnage probably could have stood to be altered a bit…needless to say, I’m becoming progressively less impressed with the costumes as the post-Randall seasons wear on.  Randall, are you out there? If so, can you please come back and slap the clowns in the costume department across the face with a raw trout and tell them to quit acting a fool? 🙁

Anywho, if you’d like to repeat the magic of part I, you can check it out here.  And be kind, kids – this particular edition was an absolute betch to put together.  😛

Battle of the black, see-through lace asymmetrical dress with silver bra/season 3 Emmitt & Cheryl vs. season 15 Emmitt & Cheryl: Emmitt & Cheryl’s season 3 promo photo vs. Emmitt & Cheryl’s season 15 promo photo vs. Cheryl’s cha-cha with Chris in season 12

Courtney: This one had me stumped for the longest time – and as I found with a lot of the costumes in this half of the pre-season 15 edition, I just happened to stumble upon the ditto whilst looking for other stuff 😛 Praise the lord for happy accidents! Anywho, I think what throws me in Emmitt & Cheryl’s all-star promo photo is that he seems very laid back and happy-go-lucky – and she’s giving us this smoldering sexpot look.  Needless to say, there is a bit of a disconnect – which is why I like their season 3 promo photo better.  And I actually like her dress in her cha-cha with Chris better than I thought – maybe the pearls make it seem less…skankalicious.  😛 And the tousled hair with the tinsel was a fun touch.

Heidi: Heh – their promo has cognitive dissonance written all over it. 🙂  I also like the version in the dance with Chris and I can’t quite put my finger on why.  You’re probably right about the pearls – but they are also very odd, considering the underlying style of the dress.  Just all around weirdness. 🙂  I, too, liked Cheryl before her Kardashianification.  Clearly spending too much time with those girls, she is. 🙂

The verdict: Hangin’ out with the Kardashians is baaaad, mmmkay?

Battle of the beaded black Latin dress with the plunging neckline/Apolo & Julianne vs. Apolo & Karina: Apolo & Julianne’s season 4 promo photo vs. Apolo & Karina’s season 15 promo photo vs. Kym’s paso doble to the theme from Shaft in the season 14 finale

 Heidi: I can see that the Apolo/Julianne vs. Apolo/Karina is going to be very challenging. On that part, I have to see them dance – but in the pap videos, Apolo/Karina look cute. And tight. 🙂 That said, I think I like his *picture* with Julianne better. He looks too bulky in the one with Karina – and it’s all muscle I’m sure. The dress…this dress has been an “issue” to say the least. 😉  I’m going to have to go with Karina, since it doesn’t seem right on Kym for some reason. Hmmm…

Courtney: I effing hate this dress…and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with how it looks on Karina.  Heidi understands 😛 I thought (well, WE thought) we were finished with this blasted edition of WWIB, and then curiousity struck me and I decided I just had to go browse around on the DWTS Makeup Team Facebook page to try and find the name of this one brand of skincare they use.  So I’m putzing through all the pictures, and then there it is: this blasted dress.  THIS is the dress Karina’s wearing – not the one I initially thought.  Fiddlesticks.  So we had to redo it – like we had to redo a bunch of them.  *sigh* Anyway, I guess I like it better on Karina – since I thought that damn Shaft dance was crap.

The verdict: This dress sucks.  At least the ladies are pretty 😛

Battle of the black, sparkly ruched dress/Helio & Julianne vs. Helio & Chelsie: Helio & Julianne’s season 5 promo photo vs. Helio & Chelsie’s season 15 promo photo vs. one of the dancers in the Selena Gomez performance in season 14

Courtney: First of all, everyone thank Heidi for the screen cap of the dancer in the Selena Gomez number – it was the best one we could get, given how fast those gals were moving! Secondly – why did they stick Chelsie with such a bland costume??? Costumes created specifically for pro dances and guest performances are usually decidedly un-fancy, since the costume department has little to no time leftover each week after creating all of the couples’ costumes.  Couldn’t they have at least let her ditto one of her own costumes? Oh well.  Since I make no secret of the fact that I strongly dislike flats/low heels/going barefoot in any sort of dance on the show, I obviously like the dress better on Chelsie than the chick from the Selena performance – even though it’s still kind of a boring dress.  Helio looks exactly the same in both pictures to me 😛 Guess I’ll go with the Julianne pic, for the simple reason that her dress is a bit more exciting to look at than Chelsie’s.

Heidi: It’s an Helio mannequin!! Same pose, they just changed his clothes like a big Ken/Helio doll. Sure, Julianne and Chelsie are in different positions, but look at Helio! 🙂 Maybe he could make the shoot so they just photoshopped the tux off and Chelsie in. 🙂 As for the dress – yes it is boring, but it’s infinitely cuter on Chelsie than it is on random dancer girl.   Lord, you’ve got me hating those shoes now, too, Court. Ugly.

The verdict: Chelsie carries off “bland” well. 

Battle of the short, black, pleather-y Latin dress/Sabrina & Mark vs. Sabrina & Louis: Sabrina & Mark’s season 5 promo photo vs. Sabrina & Louis’ season 15 promo photo vs. Chelsie’s team cha-cha with Romeo in season 12

Heidi: “Vote for US Cuz you wanted US on the show!!!” So Cheetalicious. :::rolls eyes:::  Why, yes, I am over them already, why do you ask? 😉  I like this dress better on Sabrina, that said – although that could just be the photography because Sabrina isn’t all washed out.  And I’m sorry, but the original dress is just AWFUL.  Good lord. That has Cheesecake Awards written all over it.

Courtney: Is it just me, or is Sabrina’s hair almost exactly the same as it was 5 years ago? Even down to the way she parts it.  Rather mundane observation, I know 😛 Unfortunately I just don’t have a whole lot to say about this costume – like Chelsie’s, it just strikes me as kinda bland.  Like they just kinda threw it together to fit the color scheme or something – and they just happened to pick this one because Sabrina & Chelsie have similar builds.  I guess when it comes down to it, though, I like this season’s better than her season 5 costume – at least it doesn’t scream “Yep, I’m a Cheetah Girl!!! Get it???!!”

The verdict: We get it – you’re a Cheetah girl. 

Battle of the purple corsetted Latin dress/Shawn & Mark vs. Shawn & Derek: Shawn & Mark’s season 8 promo photo vs. Shawn & Derek’s season 15 promo photo vs. Hope’s Argentine tango with Maks in season 13

Courtney: Somebody prolly made a big ol’ mess in the costume department dying this one 😛 Yes kids, believe it or not, they hacked Hope’s dress, dipped it in dye, and threw some mesh overlay on top to create Shawn’s dress – and I must say, I think it’s an improvement.  There were more than a few of Hope’s costumes that I didn’t particularly care for in season 13, but the thing I hated about this one was that it was just so SHAPELESS – for the love of god, give the poor girl some corsetting so we can see she has a waist…or at least some boob pads.  Thankfully, they seemed to do a good bit of tailoring for Shawn – the overall cut is more flattering.  And certainly more flattering than red, doodle-y thing they had her wearing in her first promo pic!

Heidi: Do you know the suffering I endured to get screencaps of Hope in that gawdawful costume??  That was the week where she was really bitchy and mean, as I recall. Ick. That dress is just nasty too – much better re-worked and on Shawn. On Shawn? Cute. On Hope?? Really mean streetwalker who is in the mood to CUT YOU if you look at her sideways. We won’t talk about the streamers dress that Shawn’s in with Mark. Nope. Although Mark’s face is exactly the same in the Shawn pic as it is in the Sabrina pic. 🙂

Courtney: I just realized what the red streamer dress in the first pic reminds me of: those Martians on Sesame Street that just say “yip yip”.

The verdict: Hope could look physically gorgeous in this dress and we’d still probably find it ugly, just because she was wearing it – and scowling bitterly. 

Battle of the billowy white halter gown/Pam & Damian vs. Pam & Tristan: Pam & Damian’s season 10 promo picture vs. Pam & Tristan’s season 15 promo picture vs. Kym’s Viennese waltz with David in season 13

Heidi: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Pam all the way!!  Love that picture of her and Tristan. I didn’t think anyone could beat She of the Awesome Boobage, but Pam does it very subtly.  Damian!! Your thumb!! This is a family show!!  :::snerk:::

Courtney: *giggle* I had forgotten how funny Damian & Pam’s promo pic was – he looks like he’s fighting the urge to squeeze her boob or motorboat her or something.  At least Tristan’s a little more subtle – although that is one Irishman who looks a wee bit too happy to be standing in such close proximity to Pam 😛  But I must say – I think the vulnerability Pam’s conveying in her pic with Tristan is kind of refreshing.  The billowy white dress, the doe-eyed look, all snuggled up to Tristan – makes me think she may be going for a “softer” look this season than the sexpot that we saw in season 10.  And while I loved this gauzy white gown on Kym – I dig the Marilyn Monroe vibe Pam gives it 🙂

The verdict: Meeeeeeeoooooowwww. 

Battle of the bright purple, fringed & sparkly dress/season 12 Kirstie & Maks vs. season 15 Kirstie & Maks: Kirstie & Maks’ season 12 promo picture vs. Kirstie & Maks’ season 15 promo picture vs. Kirstie & Maks’ WTA cha-cha in season 12

Courtney: First of all, DAMN YOU KIRSTIE FOR HIDING BEHIND MAKS!!! As cute as that pose is, it drove me nuts because I couldn’t see your dress – until someone was kind enough to tweet me an individual pic where I can actually see what you’re wearing. And while I didn’t recognize it at first, and thought it could have been a re-dyed version of your “Forget You” cha-cha cha dress.  Then whilst googling something else, I stumbled upon it, and realized why I didn’t recognize it: it was from *dun dun DUNNNN!!!* the dreaed “winner take all” cha-cha in season 12 than no one except Chelsea had a hope and a prayer of winning.  No wonder it left a bad taste in my mouth 🙁 But at least it’s a pretty color that flatters you, Kirstie – takes the edge off of that damn dance for me 🙂

Heidi: I like Kirstie with the darker hair and I think that color – the purple – is great on her in both hair colors. Much better than the longer black dress – although that one is pretty too.   I got nothing snarky to add. I’m very disappointed in myself. 🙂

The verdict: Purple suits Kirstie…even if the WTA cha-cha didn’t.