It’s “Full On Dancing” For DWTS All Stars Kym Johnson And Joey Fatone Coming Out of The Gate

Kym Johnson and Joey Fatone told Access Hollywood it will be “full on dancing” for them when coming out of the gate that first time. Joey also talks of his greatest fear. Here is more for how they want to bring that magic back….

“I think the first out of the gate is where we’re not coming up with any schtick or gimmick, it’s full on dancing,” Joey told Access Hollywood at his and pro partner Kym Johnson’s rehearsal in Los Angeles this week. “I think the first number we’re gonna dance for everybody since they haven’t seen us in a while… Bring that magic back!”

“We’re going to blow your socks off,” Kym added.

“[My] biggest fear is being let go in the first week — I think that’s our biggest fear,” he told Access. “Honestly, we don’t want to go in the first week!”

Kym added, “Normally you get two weeks, but this time around, you know, the dance is very short so you don’t have a lot of time to really make a big impression and someone’s leaving that Tuesday. So you’ve got to really throw it all out there on the dance floor because someone’s leaving on Tuesday and no one wants it to be them.”

I hope it’s not these two going home the first week. That would be sad and I can’t even imagine it, can you?

You can read the full articlle at Access Hollywood. If and when they post a video interview, we’ll be sure to add it to this post.