Drew Lachey Talks On His Music, His Wife And Family, And How DWTS Will Be Different The Second Time

Wonderwall interviewed Drew Lachey all about his family, new music projects, and his new gig on Dancing With The Stars. He talks of what will be different this time around on the show. Also, did you know his wife (pictured above) is a is a professional dancer and choreographer?

What’s it like heading back to the competition on “Dancing With the Stars?”

It’s a little surreal to be going back into the ballroom again. Obviously I had a great run with it the first time around and did tours after that, so it’s not weird to be dancing again, it’s just strange to be back in that whirlwind again. When I did it the first time, my wife was 9 months pregnant. I had so much stuff going on in my head dealing with my personal life that the show was just like this giant tornado that scoops you up. But now going back into it, I obviously have a better idea of what to expect, a better idea of what the time commitment is, and a better idea how to manage my life and my time.

How do you compare as a competitor this time around?

I’ve become a much more confident performer. Even though I’ve been touring since I was 19 and doing shows, I’m much more confident in my abilities now. That being said, I have a lot more perspective being a father of two and living outside of Los Angeles. I know what’s important to me in my life, and I’m not going to lose sight of that or get swept up into the chaos that can ensue. Obviously, I’m six years older than I was last time I did it. My knees are six years older. My back is six years older. But I feel in better shape going into it this time than I did the first time, and I feel better prepared mentally to handle the challenges that come with it.

Your wife, Lea Dellecave Lachey, is a professional dancer and choreographer. How much does she help you with your routines?

She’s very, very adamant about not having too many cooks in the kitchen, but when I ask her opinion, she’ll give it honestly. She’ll tell me which criticism or critique from the judges I really need to focus on. There is an element of wanting to have my work life [in the ballroom] and then be able to come home and not think about it and obsess about it. But the fact that I know that she’ll give me an honest opinion after she sees it is comforting.

I’m so excited to see Drew and Anna dance. Lots more at Wonderwall including some great pics!!