DWTS15 Kirstie Alley Talks Of Weight Struggles And How Much Dancing Helps Her

Today Kirstie Alley was on the Dr. Oz Show. She talks of her weight struggles and gave tips on how to lose weight and what motivates her. She mentions dancing and how much it’s helps her. Dancing just makes her happy.

You can watch some video footage from her appearance at Dr. Oz’s official site here. Kirstie also shares some of her recipes which you can view on his homepage.

Also, Nerdles.com has a great review of the show. Here’s just a small take from the link about how her weight got out of control.

Dr. Oz asks her how she got so fat in the first place. Kirstie Alley says that as Hollywood actress, she finally came to the point where she stopped caring so much about what other people said or thought, and just wanted to be a mom and bake. And yes, it was being a mom and baking that made Kirstie Alley fat. Kirstie seriously jokes that baking and drinking 12 grape sodas a day is what made her fat.

Growing up, Kirstie says she never had any problems with her weight. She’d eat and her body would immediately burn it off on it’s own. It was never something she had to consciously think about as a child. She then reveals she had menopause at age 41 and was completely shocked because no one in her family or anyone else she knew had menopause at such a young age. But then again, she does admit that no one in her family had been a cocaine addict either. About her weight gain, Kirstie says that when she was gaining weight and was not happy with the way her body looked, “it was clear I was not going to have any sex unless he was blind.”

You can read the full review at Nerdles.com.