Gilles Marini Interviewed About The Pressures Of Dancing Again, Peta Murgatroyd, And More

Gilles Marini tells The Examiner that he’s worried about “connecting” with the audience with his first two dances on Dancing With The Stars. He also speaks about Peta, the competition, and what he’s looking forward to the most.

E:It’s only a week before the show! How will this season be more special or different for you than last time?

GM: This season is a celebration. Yes, people will compete but I am not paying so much attention to that. I wanna shine and show all my fans out there that it was worth it to tune in and watch our dances.

E:Which dance are you looking forward to the most?

GM: For sure not the first 2. We have the Foxtrot and the Jive. I am really worried about connecting with my audience with those 2. [They are] very, very hard and clearly not the most sexy dances. But hey, let’s see if I survive that. Then my favorite dances are coming: Tango, Paso, Salsa and more – [they’re] awesome!

E:What is the best thing about Peta as a partner?

GM: In a couple words: She is kind, calm, honest, classy, talented, respectful, professional, driven and loving!

E:I know you’re a fierce competitor, but you also like to have fun. Who do you think is your biggest competition?

GM: Every one of them. But I don’t even think of it. I am an actor that is trying to make people happy by performing. That is all I am concentrating on. I want to work very hard and make everyone remember every single one of our dances. I am my worst critic and that is enough pressure—just from myself.

I love what he says about Peta. You can read the full interview at
The Examiner.