Bristol Palin Is Planning To Challenge Herself On Dancing With The Stars And Have Fun

Bristol Palin tells that her main goal on Dancing With The Stars is to just have fun. She’s taking the all-star season seriously, but it’s not going to be all work and no play. Below is a take with more and you can also watch a video at

Not that it will be easy. Palin, who is reuniting with professional partner Mark Ballas, admits she’ll have butterflies when she enters the ballroom.

“You still get nervous,” she says. “But I like being out of my comfort zone. I like challenging myself and this is the perfect place to do that.”

She also admits to being a little rusty. “I haven’t danced at all,” she says. “I still refuse to dance at a wedding or anything like that, just because I’m pretty shy … People are expecting you to whip out the quick-step or something and that’s just not me.”

Also, for those interested, Bristol will be blogging at Access Hollywood during her dancing With The Stars journey which you can read about here.

Each week, Bristol will share an exclusive inside look at the highs and lows from her “Dancing” journey, as well as her take on the behind-the-scenes action and what the cameras didn’t capture from the ABC reality series’ upcoming season.