Cast Thoughts Before DWTS All Star Premiere, More Rehearsal Footage Released

USA Today has a great piece up of the Dancing With The Stars All Stars “getting back into the fray”. The stakes are high, the pros are more competitive going into this season, and there will be a “greater push for first-week heroics”. Everyone wants that mirror ball. There are some quotes from Tom Bergeron and a few of the celebrities as well. They’ve been sizing each other up at the rehearsal studios and there is a lot of smack talk. More below and at USA Today. You can also read a breakdown on the couples at this USA Today link. Also, don’t miss more rehearsal footage released at A MUST SEE if you haven’t seen them yet!

“You have people who were the stars in their respective seasons,” says host Tom Bergeron. “With the stakes this high, there will be sweated spray tan all over the dance floor.”

The toll is all the greater with the passing of time. Lachey, now 36, realizes how long ago he won his Season 2 championship. “I’m six years older,” he says. “My knees are six years older, and my back. I’ve come to learn Advil is my friend.”

For every dancer there is a fascinating subplot as well. Marini will renew his dance rivalry with Shawn Johnson, who beat him out for the championship in Season 8. (“He’s coming after me, but I wouldn’t underestimate anybody,” says Johnson).

Meanwhile, Fatone and Ono are renewing their Season 4 duel in which Ono walked home with the trophy on the final night. “I got my eye on everyone,” says Fatone. “But I just don’t want Apolo to win again.”

The competitive flames rise even higher as most of the teams practice at the same L.A. location for the first time. “You’re trying to size everyone up,” says Fatone. “There’s a lot of smack talk. It’s highly entertaining.”

On result-night Tuesday, one All Star will be sent home. The fear of being the initial casualty calls for even a greater push for first-week heroics.

“Imagine how horrible it will be to the first person voted off. It’s not going to be fun for that person,” Bergeron says with a laugh. “I’ll try not to enjoy it too much.”

It is going to be horrible. I’m going to feel sorry for who ever goes home the first time. I wonder who it will be? Any last minute guesses? I’m going to guess it will be Melissa.