DWTS15 Drew Lachey And Anna Trebunskaya Interviewed About Getting To Know One Another, Foxtrot Nerves, And More

Drew Lachey & Anna Trebunskaya Facebook have a great interview up with Drew and Anna. They discuss rehearsals and what it’s been like getting to know each other. Below is more including some thoughts on their first dance which Drew seems a little nervous about? I don’t think he has anything to worry about, do you? Then again, the judges can be MEAN!

Q6 6 Cathy Boorman Drew, having done so well your first time on the show, did you agonize over doing the AllStars or did you jump in with both feet when asked? P.S. Wishing you great good luck!
Drew: I jumped right in. The only question was how our family would
logistically work things out. After that was worked out, it was a no
brainer. I had such a good time doing the show the first time, I was
excited by the opportunity to step back into the ballroom

Q7 Linda Webb What is your first dance
Anna: It is the foxtrot
Drew: Foxtrot…… at least that is what I would call it. We’ll see
what the judges call it.

Q8 Paulette Dean Question for Drew and Anna: What is one thing you’ve learned about each other since you started rehearsing together?
Anna: That Drew is a wonderful husband and father, besides being a very talented person.
Drew: Anna is a Tea-a-holic. She cannot get enough of the stuff. And
I’m not talking about your everyday run of the mill tea. She likes
the good stuff

You can read the full interview at Drew Lachey & Anna Trebunskaya Facebook.