Mark Ballas Writes First Blog For Dancing With The Stars Season 15

Mark Ballas has penned his first blog for Dancing With The Stars Season 15 at USA Today! He talks of how intense the competition is going to be and preparing Bristol for the show. He also dishes on what will be different with her this time including “sexier moves and costumes”. Three more days and counting, All! 🙂

Being partnered with Bristol again has been fun. It’s like we never missed a day and, like most good friendships, we picked right up where we left off. We spent most of our training time in Arizona and have been rehearsing this past week in L.A. around the rest of the cast. I thought it was important that we get adjusted and ready for competition, and being in the same environment with the other couples has definitely helped us prepare.

What I think will be different this time around with Bristol is that she’s coming out of her shell a lot more. She’s also been more welcoming to sexy moves and costumes. I’m really hoping people can see how far she’s come with letting her personality out and digging into the dances rather than tiptoeing around them. We have for sure been working really hard on rhythm, timing and attitude.

Our first dance is cha cha, and it’s going really well. We have had three weeks to get BP moving and comfortable, especially back in her dance heels, and I know it will translate come Monday night.

You can read more at USA Today!