Drew Lachey In Better Shape To Dance On Dancing With The Stars Second Time

Drew Lachey told TV Guide Canada that dancing again on Dancing With The Stars “feels like coming home”. He may be a little older, but, he’s more prepared. See why….

This time around, Lachey admits he’s a little older, but may be even more prepared to take on the cha-cha and the quickstep with professional partner Anna Trebunskaya.

“[I’m going to] drink a lot,” Lachey joked, when asked about his preparations. “The big thing I’ve been doing is stretching. The older you get the more you need to. Every time I work out I stretch … I’m in better shape now than when I did the show the first time.”

Drew has also written a new blog for People.com. He writes of all the changes that have taken place since he was last on the show. He also talks of what it’s like being partnered with Anna Trebunskaya, rehearsing in his hometown, and improving his dancing.

I am once again paired with an incredible partner, Anna Trebunskaya, and thank God for her. She has had to be coach, teacher, drill sargent, therapist and partner. Not an easy feat. I thoroughly enjoy being challenged and pushing myself to learn something new but throw in roughly 20 million people watching your successes and failures, and you have the potential for a massive ulcer.

Since this is the all-stars season, just doing what you did in the past is a good way to get sent home early. People are expecting to see something new and exciting. In order to accomplish that, our rehearsals are a combination of playing up the things I do well and working on the areas where I need improvement.

We started rehearsals in Cincinnati, which was great. I was able to focus during rehearsals and then pass out from exhaustion in my own bed at night. Now we are in L.A. with all 12 – yes, 12 – other couples. To say that there are distractions is the understatement of the century. Whether it is talking to other couples, camera blocking, costume fittings, interviews, photo shoots or just L.A. traffic, there is always something to pull your focus off of the most important thing – learning the dance.

Bring on this team. I bet they are going to spell “fun”. Picture courtesy of Drew Lachey & Anna Trebunskaya Facebook.

Only hours away now, Guys!