Nightline And Good Morning America Cover The Premiere Of DWTS, Interviews And Reviews

So, last night after the Dancing With The Stars premiere, Nightline had interviews with Shawn Johnson, Gilles Marini, and Melissa Rycroft where they chatted about the competition and whether it’s harder or easier to do the show again. Gilles says it will be challenging to live up to expectations. Melissa is the most afraid of the athletes. You can watch this interview at Nightline here.

More of the cast and Tom Bergeron dish on Dancing With The Stars, what to expect, and the competition at this Nightline link too. They review the first dances as well.

Lastly, Wendy Williams gives her take on the first dances on Dancing With The Stars last at Good Morning America. Wendy says Emmitt was born to dance and he “glides”. She thinks the half points will help the contestants. Wendy is secretly rooting for Kirstie and Maks, but, she doesn’t think they will make the top five. It’s going to be a tough season and the contestants will have to bring everything. She thinks Apolo and Shawn will be in the top three. Sabrina will make the top five and, of course, Emmitt. She predicts Pamela is going home tonight because there was no chemistry with Tristan (wha?? I thought they had great chemistry. She just didn’t dance that well). Lots more at Good Morning America. So, what do you think of Wendy’s review? Did she nail it? Pretty much so, I think. I think Val and Kelly could possibly make the top three as well if they perform strong and have all the elements like they did last night. And then there is Gilles and Peta! 😯 Wowza, we have ourselves a competition, don’t we?

Stay tuned for Heidi’s NUMBERS post next! 😉 xx