PureDWTS Season 15: Media Wrap-Up After The First Dance (Videos)

Wow, what a night!! The dancing was out of this world and, to think, this is only the beginning of the season. Are you happy? Did you have a lot of “glitter” moments like I did? So, let’s get the couples reactions from On The Red Carpet with George Pennacchio….

First up, Shawn tells George she and Derek had a great start and are happy with their scores. Derek says their journey is about a lot of things, not, just dancing well. They talk of how they are both “perfectionists”. Derek says Shawn is perfect right now. So cute. Right after watching this, be sure you hop right over to Pure Derek Hough. Heidi has lots more on these two.

Tristan and Pam! Pam says she she’s got the fantasy part down and the character, she just needs to rehearse more and be consistent in dancing. They have a lot of plans if they make it. George reassures her of how much she is loved…an awww moment (I love this guy! he told her just what she needed to hear).

Kirstie and Maks! Kirstie comments on the low scores , but, says they can only go up now. She feels stronger than before. She says they need to step it up notch because everyone is amazing! Maks says they are right where he wants them to be. Maks says they are going to just have fun every week which is the most important. Kirstie explains her character which she loved playing and how the judges described it.

Val and Kelly are happy with their scores and they had so much fun. If they get voted off, Kelly would be happy since they did their best. Val talks of how he tried to turn Kelly’s fault of not dancing for so long into a charm. Kelly talks of how the cast of General Hospital is supporting her and how thankful she is.

Emmitt is excited for the moment they had last night! They are soaking the moment up. They wore green to bridge the old to the new and to set the standard last night. George says Emmitt reminded us of the joy he brings to the dance floor. So true.

Karina and Apolo! Apolo says the judges were rough, but, they are proud of their scores and had a lot of fun. Karina says age has made Apolo better and he has a lot of energy. They were “party rockin”.

Gilles says George is “the man”. He gives him props. George praises he and Peta for their first dance. They talk of being driven. They are happy for their scores and hope to keep living up to them. Gilles said George’s reaction is why he’s dancing again.

George tells Chelsie and Helio they were such a joy to watch. Chelsie says she is happy with their scores. Being in the middle of the pack will make them work harder. They loved the reaction from the audience. Chelsie hopes to keep bringing Helio’s charm to the ballroom for what fans love every week.

Anna doesn’t like being in the middle, but, they had fun and had a good routine. Drew is happy and he loved their chemistry. They talk of the “half points” being added to the scoring and think it’s necessary. Drew doesn’t think the Foxtrot was his dance and “the best is yet to come” if they make it.

George talks of how Joey is a showman and he brought it last night coming out first. Kym hopes they won’t go home. She’s nervous on their scoring and they hoped to do a little better with them. George loved Kym’s costume. Joey says he liked it too.

Melissa tells George that even though they are in 9th place, they did what they wanted to accomplish. They challenged themselves, smiled, were theatrical, and had fun. They said they will have more body contact in the future for what the judges want if they make it. They plan to work their hardest and make it to the finals. She’s more driven than I thought she would be. I love it.

George tells Louis and Sabrina that it’s about “win, place” and show” and they “showed”, but, Louis says they haven’t shown all their cards. They’ve just gotten started. Louis says he didn’t think Sabrina “over danced”, but, they will take the criticism and work harder. George praises their intensity. Sabrina is so honored and excited and that came out in the dance. She hopes to prove she can show calm and collected too if they make it.

And finally, Bristol and Mark! They thought their scores were fair even though they were low. Mark says Bristol is “most improved” and it’s something they will keep working towards. Bristol says she is more confident in her own skin than she was the first time. They plan to take one week at a time. Tripp wanted a cupcake after they danced. LOL so cute.

Below is come coverage from Access Hollywood as well with Gilles & Peta, Kirstie & Maks, and Tristan & Pam….

And here is a round up from ET Online….

Don’t miss reading E Online’s wrap up on the night as well here. Kirstie comments on the kiss she gave Tom. Below is more from Maks, Kelly, Mark, and Bristol….

Maksim Chmerkovskiy added that he was “grabbing his [Bergeron] ass” the whole time. Interesting. But Maks isn’t going to focus on Tom’s behind going further.

“I’m gonna pay attention to her carriage and make sure it stays lifted,” he said of his partner.

Gilles got hurt already?!

The chemistry between Kelly and Val was ridiculous, in a good way. Seriously, we’re banking that this is going to be this season’s partners-turned-lovers duo. That is, if Kelly can give Val what he likes.

“He is an ass man, so I’m struggling here,” she told us, but also added, “He’ll cop a feel whenever he can get one.” Taking advantage of his powerโ€”slick.

The more confident and “experimental” (Mark Ballas’ word choice) Bristol, who looked amazing tonight, shared her secret to getting into such great shape.

“I’m just working out a lot more, staying more active, cuttin’ out the crap in my diet and I feel a lot better. And my yoga.”

PopTVDotCom has some great coverage of the couples out and about and going to parties after the show as well.

More coming including Miss Heidi’s NUMBERS post with some elimination predictions! Stay tuned!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ xxx

ADDING: Access Hollywood have released more interviews with the couples. You can watch them all here.