Interviews After DWTS 15 Week One Elimination, Dances Revealed For Week 2

The couples talked about their first elimination last night with On The Red Carpet. They also spoke of what happens from here and what their dances are for next week.

First up, Bristol and Mark were relieved they weren’t eliminated. Bristol has met her first goal. They don’t say exactly what dance they have (Quickstep or Jive?), but, Bristol is obsessed with the next song they are dancing to. It’s her “anthem”. She sings it every day. “It will surprise you”, Bristol says.

Tony and Melissa! They are so happy they made it to the next round. Tony plans to be harder on himself than ever before. They are going to put their whole heart into this season. They have the Jive next week which Melissa didn’t do the first time she danced on Dancing With The Stars.

George asks Joey on his new cooking show. They have the Quickstep. They love their song and routine. On their song, “The younger kids will get it”, Joey says. He sends some smack to Derek and Shawn.

Speaking of Derek and Shawn….they plan to have a “wild” time of it. Shawn is a “Party animal”. LOL! You can read and see more of these two at Pure Derek Hough including what their next dance will be.

Drew and Anna have the Jive next week. Drew is going to do everything in his power to make it the best the dance floor has ever seen on Dancing With The Stars. They don’t want to be in the bottom three next week or picked to go. The show has such a special place for him.

Helio and Chelsie talk of how incredible this season is and the competition. They have the Jive. Chelsie wants to concentrate on Helio’s infectious personality and smile…

Peta plans to put everything on the floor every week with she and Gilles. The choreography has to be “extremely good”. They have the Jive. He has never liked the Jive, but, he’s happy with they have for it and he describes it as “beautiful”. George describes how they have the same “demeanor”. So true!

Karina says she and Apolo have the Quickstep. It’s going to be a “super fun dance” and they can’t wait. They love their song. They have a strategy (that they won’t speak about) and they plan to take each week seriously. Everyone needs to “bring it” and “give it their all”. They both believe in a hard work ethic.

Emmitt and Cheryl talk of the competition and how close it is. They all want to win. They have “a lot of cards left”. Cheryl says it’s all about the “imagination” and having “good choreography”. They have the Quickstep next week and their steps have to be fast.

Kelly says she has to show up and bring a ‘certain product’ every week to Dancing With The Stars. She and Val don’t want to be voted off. They are going to get to work immediately. They have the Quickstep which they have only two days to learn. Val is excited to show a whole other side to Kelly next week.

Kirstie and Maks tell George they have “more hands”. Maks says you never know what’s going to happen with Kirstie and having her as a partner. Kirstie says, “It’s a journey”. Kirstie says she will have different color of hair and that’s all she will say for next week’s dance. Kirstie talks of how “double sad” the elimination was last night and why. Maks jokes that they should have a Dancing With The Stars tour where there is no elimination except for a judges elimination. Funny as always, these two.

Louis and Sabrina have the Quickstep next week. They are taking what the jduges said seriously of taming Sabrina. Louis praises Sabrina for her spirit and is thankful for it at the same time. It’s a rarity in a partner to have so much personality and a will to dance.

Below is Peta and Gilles with Access Hollywood as well. They talk of their Jive and what to expect. Jimmy Kimmel has picked these two to win the season. Be sure to check Access Hollywood later. They may add more interviews from last night.

ET has an interview roundup from last night as well. You can watch it at their site here.

Here’s to week 2. I can’t wait!!