Carrie Anne Inaba Breaks Down Dancing With The Stars Premiere Night (Blog, Videos)

Dancing With The Stars judge Carrie Anne Inaba talked about breaking off of her engagement on Access Hollywood. She also breaks down some of the dances from the first week of the show. She was sad to see Pamela go and thinks she’s “magical”. She was a little underwhelmed by Helio and Apolo’s performances, but, she thinks they can make some great transformations. Much more below…though warning, Kit and Billy ask some annoying questions. I sometimes wonder if they even watch the show and instead just play off media headlines? 😕

Carrie Anne was also on Extra last night. If we find some footage, we’ll be sure to post it. She breaks down the first show at her new blog at Ladies Home Journal as well. Below is a take of her favorite moments from Monday night…

Here are some of my personal favorite moments from the season 15 opener:
•When Tom cut me off mid-comment because the audio went out I had to explain that I had more to say so our audience wouldn’t be confused. He just won an Emmy so I’ll give him a break.
•When Helio Castroneves came into the ballroom during the commercial break, he got a standing ovation. He’s got such a bright light in him—he’s like a walking smile and it was so wonderful to see him out there again on our dance floor.
•When Shawn Johnson danced a very modern Foxtrot with Derek. It’s a new partnership but a very dynamic one.
•When Gilles did his Foxtrot with Peta. Again, another new pairing and a very sexy one indeed—just ask any of the women in our audience. He’s like a dancing Jon Hamm or Clark Gable.
•Seeing Drew Lachey and Kelly Monaco again was a lot of fun. I directed the first Dancing With The Stars live tour so I worked closely with Drew. It’s like seeing your family again, except you have to judge their dancing.
•It’s always something of a magical moment to see Pamela Anderson on the dance floor. She really is an icon. I hope she puts more time into her rehearsals. It think a lot of people like her but she’s got to catch up.
•And then there was Emmitt. It felt like the season finale—a huge celebration of dance.

When you watch them all dance you remember very quickly why some of them won and the magic they all brought to the dance floor. But they do have very different styles and attributes which is what makes this season so dynamic. And let me say that without a doubt, it’s going to get very competitive in the ballroom very soon, so be warned! This season is going to be a good one!

You can read Carrie Anne’s first blog in full here.