Dancing With The Stars Gilles Marini Writes On First Dance And His New Injuries

Gilles Marini writes how he had forgotten how thrilling it is to dance in front of a live audience when he danced on Monday night. He also writes of suffering from some new injuries. Let’s hope they get well soon. According to his twitter and facebook account, the doctor has given him the “ok”. Also, today he practiced his new dance 20 times and he says it’s going to be “fantastic” and “all good”.

It can’t explain how amazing the energy was on Monday night. I forgot how thrilling it is to dance in front of a live audience. Peta and I worked really hard on our dance and even though I was excited to perform I was also nervous. I had a few set back during rehearsals. I tore my hamstring and a joint in my lower back and I wasn’t sure if they would affect my performance, but I pushed on and realized nothing can stop me once I am on that dance floor.

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