Dancing With The Stars Season 15: Las Vegas Odds Going Into Week 2

The odds makers are placing their bets again for who will win the Dancing With The Stars All Stars at Sports Bovada. As you can see, they’ve got Emmitt and Apolo neck in neck in first and second place. They’ve put Melissa and Bristol tied for last…

Emmitt Smith 3/2
Apolo Anton Ono 7/2
Gilles Marini 11/2
Helio Castroneves 11/2
Shawn Johnson 8/1
Joey Fatone 15/1
Kelly Monaco 20/1
Kirstie Alley 20/1
Sabrina Bryan 25/1
Drew Lachey 30/1
Bristol Palin 50/1
Melissa Rycroft 50/1

So, do the odds makers have it right or wrong?

In my opinion, they probably have it right on the top two currently, but, they are under estimating Shawn Johnson. She should be higher, while Helio should be lower. I also think they are totally wrong for putting Melissa Rycroft in last place. I think she should be placed in the middle somewhere. I also think Kelly is going to make a strong showing and should be placed higher. Let’s get Miss Heidi’s and Court’s thoughts and be sure to tell us what you think in the comment section too.

Heidi:Β Totally don’t buy Emmitt in the winning position. I don’t think he’s got that kind of juice. I still think this is going to come down to Apolo, Gilles and Shawn, with Apolo winning. That said…Gilles could find himself replaced with Emmitt if he doesn’t lighten up. While he is beautiful to look at, I’m not finding him charming or fun this season AT ALL. Β And as William Levy can tell you, good looks are only good for third place in a regular season. In this one?? Maybe not so much. Lucky for him he’s likely going to get some “help” since he’s a card carrying member of the ABC family. Literally. πŸ™‚ Β The bottom?? I’m thinking it should be Bristol and Drew, but the reality probably IS Drew and Melissa. Β If they keep doing a real bottom two, we’ll soon find out. πŸ™‚

Courtney: I’m not convinced at this point that Emmitt is gonna walk away with that trophy – and definitely not with odds that good. I don’t think one good dance in week one is indicative of much right now, considering that most of the couples did pretty well – aside from Pam, no one really did terribly this week.Β  I’m waiting for a dance like to jive to come along so we can really see what Emmitt’s made of – we know he’s gotΒ a great personality, now the question is: can he hang with the youngin’s? Because he is one of the older contestants this season, and like Kirstie, I think he may struggle with endurance.Β  Still puzzled as to why they have Helio so high.Β  I would put Apolo & Gilles at about even odds right now, but if Gilles’ whining about injuries, phone numbers, etc. continues,Β I would expect Apolo to begin to edge him out.Β  And really & truly, at this point I’d put Drew at the bottom – because he clearly is lacking in the votes department, and I’m not so sure that’s going to improve in the coming week.