DWTS Melissa Rycroft Prepares for The Jive, Husband Gives Her Advice, And More

Melissa Rycroft tells TV Guide, that she’s never done the Jive (she and Tony’s next dance), and that she “may be more nervous Week 2 than in Week 1”. Below is more including her thoughts on the cast!! Be sure to read the link because she talks of her family, how rusty she is, and more. I love his girl and her positive, “go get em” spirit, do you?

But you have the jive now and you didn’t do it your season.
Rycroft: I know! It scares me to do the jive because it is a very unnatural dance for me. I think I’m the queen of straight posture and straight legs and pointed toes. And the jive is the complete opposite. It’s energetic and jumpy and you’re right, I didn’t perform it in Season 8. I had hurt my ribs and when we went to the hospital to get injections to numb it, they punctured my lung, so I completely had to pull out. So I don’t know what it’s like to perform it, but everything’s going well so far. We just have to keep up with everybody.

What’s your take on the cast now that you’ve seen everyone perform?
Rycroft: Everyone’s amazing. From an audience point of view, it’s phenomenal to watch because there’s no weak person. I think everybody is capitalizing on their strengths and it intimidates me greatly. It’s very scary this season. I don’t think there’s anybody that’s thinking “I’ll be safe until at least Week 4 or 5.” You don’t know. As an audience member, you can definitely watch the show in a regular season and at least narrow down about five people you know are going to make it until the end. There are always a couple of people who will be one of the first to leave, and this is the first season where you’re going, “I literally have no clue!”

Also, here is a take from WWFA where Melissa, Melissa’s husband (Tye Strickand), and Tony talk on Melissa and Tye’s little girl, Emmitt, dancing, and voting. This is too cute.

“Here is the thing: Who does not like Emmitt?” Rycroft said. “I like Emmitt. My husband even said, ‘Man, I just love him.’ But I said, ‘Don’t be splitting votes in the household.”

Rycroft laughs through it, as after all, this is supposed to be fun.

The one tough spot was leaving her little girl for the first time.

“I think every mom that steps out of mom-mode for the first time, you’re trying to balance it all, and you trying not to feel selfish for wanting to do something else,” she said.

“Melissa was always driven” Dovolani said, “but now she has a little girl she is doing this for.”

“She’ll be with me each time in the green room, and maybe a show or two they’ll let her out,” Rycroft said.

And if they do, she’ll be on the sidelines cheering with dad, Ty.

“Ty would go out there and put his dancing shoes on if he could,” Rycroft said. “He has me do the dances for him at night and he’s like, ‘Point your toes, make sure your shoulders are back.’ I’m like, ‘You’ve already told me you’re voting for Emmitt.’”

“He already has a trophy,” Dovolani said. “Now, it’s our turn.”

You can read more at WWFA! Here is a video too….

Picture above is of Melissa hanging out Wednesday with Tye and their little girl in West Hollywood courtesy of People Magazine. So adorable!

ADDING: Below is Melissa on Good day LA talking about Dancing With The Stars this morning….

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