Bristol Palin Hopes Week 2’s Dance on DWTS Will Bring Smiles And Be Entertaining (Interview)

Below Bristol Palin talks to about making it through the first week of Dancing With The Stars. She talked what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ of Dancing With The Stars including how they pick their costumes and their songs. They also run through some of her unexpected support. IE: Chaz Bono. Then Bristol gives a teaser for her and Mark’s second dance. “It’s going to be so awesome and so ME”, Bristol says while giggling. Lots more below…

Bristol’s has penned a new blog for Access Hollywood. Here is a take where she teases on her quickstep again saying it won’t be “just any quickstep”.

And this second week will be a blast!! We’ll be doing the quick step, which is supposed to be fast and powerful. But we won’t be doing just any quick step!

Mark had to tweak our moves a bit, because I get to use my favorite song… I doubt anyone’s ever done to the quick step to this. Though I can’t tell you what it is just yet, I know you’ll love it. It’s my anthem, the type of song I sing around the house.

Will my love for the song make me move a little better? We’ll see!

Let’s face it. I have a lot of room for improvement, and hopefully you guys can see a difference from week to week. I’m trying hard to get better, and I appreciate Mark’s patience and instruction! I also appreciate all of you voters!