Dancing with the Stars Season 15: Week 2 Predictions!

As always many thanks to Heidi for this weeks’ Who is Dancing What and When post.

From Heidi’s post here is how the couples will stack up in accordance to past data:

As expected only Peta Murgatroyd and Valentin Chmerkovskiy have yet to work on their respective dance this early in the season. (Peta has worked on the Jive with Donald Driver in Week 8, but for purposes of calculating the prediction scores I chose not to use scores from later in the season when predicting for earlier in the season)

Much like last week, half of the celebrities have danced the same dance in the same week… it will be interesting to see how the scores compare to tonight’s scores on those cases.

In case you have forgotten here was last week’s original predicted scores in comparison to what the celebrities received in their season for the same week and same dance (separate if they did a different dance in that week) as well as their actual score from last week:

From Week 1: Pamela Anderson was predicted to be towards the bottom of the leaderboard both in the predicted scores as well as the actual scores.

Taking a look at the original elimination predictions from earlier this year Helio Castroneves is not only towards the bottom of eliminations (placing 11th) but he is also towards the bottom of this weeks predicted leaderboard.

It will be interesting to see how the scores stack up this evening and compare them to how the couples did in their original season as well as the various predicted scores…