Joey Fatone And Kym Johnson To Do “Silent Film” Type Of Dance On Dancing With The Stars

Kym Johnson has written a new blog at She first talks of Pamela Anderson and how she was sad to see her go first. Then she talks of rehearsals and gives us a small preview for tonight’s new dance with partner Joey Fatone. Below is more….

We next have our quickstep and Joey and I have decided to tell a story with our dance.

Joey is such a performer and we came up with this really cool idea to do a silent film type of thing. We’re having a lot of fun in rehearsals. We really want to do a good job. If you have one bad week this season, you could be gone. Every week counts.

It’s a really nice atmosphere here. It’s a really fun season. I think that’s why I want to do so well. I don’t want it to end. Joey and I are great friends and I love everyone here at the studio. It’s such a great energy, even in rehearsals.

Joey is buckling down. He’s putting a lot of effort into his footwork. He’s been focusing more. He still goes into other peoples’ rehearsal rooms, but I think that’s his tactic. He’ll go and distract them, so I don’t mind when he does that.

Only minutes away until showtime! 😉