Joey Fatone Just Has One Request For Week 2 Of Dancing With The Stars

TV Guide has a new interview up today with Joey Fatone. Joey just has one request for Week 2 of Dancing with the Stars and that is, “Don’t make me go first!” Joey is feeling good about his next dance however. More below and how he feels about being back on Dancing With The Stars…

How’s the quickstep going?
Joey Fatone: Really well. We have a great, fun number that I think people will like. We got the number together fairly quickly, which we’re happy about. It’s going to be good.

Did you hesitate at all in coming back for All-Stars?
Fatone:Well, I had known about it for a while. I got asked actually a really long time ago — maybe not asked formally, but they initially put it in my ear, like, “Hey, we might do an All-Stars season. Would you be interested?” I thought, “That might be kind of fun. Keep me posted.” That was about a year or so ago that we first heard about it. Finally, I got a phone call saying, “Hey, we’re gonna do All-Stars. You wanna do it?” And I said, “Yeah, that sounds cool.” I was one of the first people they called, which is very flattering. [Casting director] Deena Katz literally said, “Hey, we got out of a meeting and we’d like for you to do All-Stars if you would do it.”

You can read the full interview at TV Guide.

Stay tuned to this spot. We may have more with Joey and Kym later.