PureDWTS All Stars Week 2: Media And Interviews After Monday Night’s Dance

What an exciting night once again on Dancing With The Stars. Let’s go straight to George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet to get the couples reactions.

First up, Sabrina and Louis! This is the first time Louis has been at the top of the leaderboard in 15 seasons. He thanks Sabrina. Sabrina thinks they can do it and she’s confident in Louis.

Kelly and Val are happy with their dance. They hope everyone is voting. They hope to just keep doing better and learn from one another. Kelly is glad she has some time away from General Hospital to learn more dance moves from Val if they make it. George reassures her she will be back.

Helio and Chelsie are happy with their dance, but, they want to keep working hard and improve. George remarks on Chelsie’s maturity this season. Chelsie credits the “man” she has for a partner versus the younger partners she’s had in the past.

Derek and Shawn are happy with their step up from last week. If they make it, Derek says they have “big” plans for next week with a quickstep. They plan to push boundaries and do things never seen before. “This season is about pleasing the audience”. Derek is happy with the song they have as well. For lots more on these two, be sure you visit Pure Derek Hough.

George highlights Joey and his fun smack talk. They were shocked on how the judges scored, but, they had fun. Kym is disappointed in their placement and hoped to be higher. Joey is having fun no matter what.

Drew says he and Anna ultimately had the best time last night. They hope their fans rallied together and voted so they can stick around for more fun.

Kirstie is “flirty and dirty”. It’s her new gem. She wishes her scores were higher and wishes they were higher on the leader board, but, she enjoyed the judges comments. Maks hopes they can continue on so they can do the past dances they messed up.

Bristol says there are more things to worry about in life than a bad score on Dancing With The Stars. She’s having fun regardless. She also had fun shooting and dancing to her favorite song. Mark doesn’t care about how the judges scored them. He just wanted Bristol to have fun. Hmmm…

George praises Gilles for the old Hollywood characters in his routine. Peta says Gilles is giving it everything he’s got it. She was worried about his injury a few days ago and they wouldn’t be able to make it. Gilles shows us his injury to prove it’s not fake.

Apolo is happy with their dance and Karina. They tried their best. Karina is pushing him and he’s glad. Karina praised Apolo for giving it his all. They want to keep having fun and bringing it.

Tony is happy with their scores…especially being they danced first. They left it all on the dance floor and that’s all that matters. George reviews the judges remarks. Melissa says it felt good and they had so much fun. They review how funny Joey is and all of his smack talking with the cast.

Cheryl and Emmitt’s scores may have been lower, but, Emmitt says they are determined and hope the viewers are voting. Emmitt is having fun, but, is serious about this competition too like the athlete he is. He’s never confident because the show is unpredictable.

Access Hollywood has some interviews to share too with Peta & Gilles, Val & Kelly, Sabrina & Louis, and Cheryl & Emmitt. There is a great review on the night at E News. Also, below are some interviews with ET Online with their wrap up….

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