SPOILERS!! DWTS Season 15, Week 2 – Who Got the Boot???

I better hurry up and post this obligatory waste of space in order to spare the Twitter fans on the west coast the bad news…

Tonight, we lost Team FatOne as Joey & Kym were sent home.  With them in the REAL bottom 2 were Helio & Chelsie; and in quite possibly the worst case scenario Heidi could have predicted, Bristol managed to avoid the bottom 2 entirely – Heidi assures me from the road that there will be a post forthcoming to help sort out some of the confusion and dismay we might be feeling about Bristol sticking around despite seemingly insurmountable odds…and hopefully assuage this feeling of season 11 déjà vu I find myself feeling 🙁

So to recap…

Court: Said it would be Bristol & Drew in the bottom 2, with Drew getting sent home.

Heidi: Said it would be Bristol & Drew in the bottom 2, with Bristol going home, but also said it could be Bristol & Kelly in the bottom 2 with Bristol still going home.

Vogue: Said Bristol would be going home.

So basically, a sh*t week was had by all in the predictions department – and we’re left a bit uneasy as we head into Iconic Dances week.  The 3 people at the bottom of the leaderboard managed to avoid landing in the bottom 2, and the guy tied for 5th and one of the guys tied for 7th plummeted.  The middle of the pack definitely seems like a dangerous place to be this season… 😯