DWTS All Stars Iconic Dances Revealed, Teasers, And More Details For Week 3 (Videos)

The couples all had nothing but great thoughts for Joey and Kym and their elimination in their interviews with On The Red Carpet. They also recap what’s ahead for their “iconic” dances which will be a new twist on a past dance that had 3 10’s or something sentimental. No free styles allowed. The celeb will also get to be the “Creative Director” in picking the song, dance, costumes, etc. They also talk of dealing with the forthcoming “double elimination”. Lots more in the videos below. NOTE how Kirstie and Mark reveal the most about their dances coming up….

First up, Drew and Anna are so relieved to know they will be back. It was sad to see Joey and Kym go. It was a bittersweet night. Anna is not looking forward to a double elimination next week and calls it “The Hunger Games”. So true. George also asks them on their Iconic dance. Drew and Anna stress how they want it be about “them”….and for it to be “a production, a spectacle and a concert” for all of their dances from here on out.

Helio says it was hard being in the bottom two and seeing Joey go. It was a shame and George and Helio stress how people need to “vote”. They hope to come back stronger next week. They have the Quickstep. Helio says he’s going to be a “Creative Director”.

Karina and Apolo talk of the insane season and how they are freaking out about a double elimination next week, but, they hope to give it their all and “crush” it. They chose a dance that has a lot of “emotion” versus a lot of “energy”. It’s also full of ‘passion’, it’s ‘seductive’, it’s ‘mysterious’, and it’s ‘sensual”. (Could this be an Argentine Tango? Whatever it is, bring it on. I can’t wait.)

Sabrina and Louis say they will lose a lot of “energy” with the loss of Joey and Kym. Louis explains the Iconic Dance. They can’t wait to dance again and are so happy they danced well this week.

Shawn and Derek talk on their new dance for next week again. Derek stresses how much he “loves loves” the song (which we heard last night? Did I hear that right?). They also reveal the quickstep they have was performed by a fellow ‘male’ cast member. Derek says it will be another “exhausting” dance. They are “going to push boundaries”. They will ‘go all out’.

Mark explains why he thinks Bristol is getting the votes. Bristol says she’s thankful to be coming back. George points out how she smiles when two people go home. She explains how she has to keep things in perspective. They picked an iconic dance that Derek and Joanna danced and the dance got Bristol her highest scores the first time she danced (please no, not Derek and Joanna’s Paso? MORE on this in another video comimg up below).

Gilles said we will all be crazy if we don’t tune into the show next week to see Peta dance and the costume he’s designing for her. “When a man loves a woman” he says while hugging her.

Emmitt and Cheryl explain the “red light” emotions while the elimination took place. They are going to dance a Paso Doble from the past. They want to come out and shine.

Kirstie learned to “live in the moment” from last night. You have to have the best time and do your best. She’s going to try and not be nervous anymore and she just wants to have a great time. Maks says he is enjoying every moment with Kirstie and he loves her. They are doing Carson and Anna’s “Move Like Jagger” performance (omg, I am going to love this!).

Sorry, no interviews with Tony & Melissa or Val & Kelly.

Stay tuned, Pure Dancettes. More coming up! πŸ˜‰

ADDING: Here are some more interviews with Access Hollywood. Mark says they have the Paso Doble. (it’s indeed Joanna and Derek’s Paso. My fave dance of all time).

Here they are on ETOnline as well…