Dancing With The Stars Karina Smirnoff Intervewed On Past Eating And Body Issues

The life of a dancer (and learning to be one) isn’t all glitter and roses and such is true for Karina Smirnoff and many others. Karina tells OK! Magazine she once had eating and body shape issues.

“I competed since I was 2 years old I was always trying to be in a certain weight class and a certain shape and I think when I turned professional there was a certain period when I literally only drank water for two weeks because I wanted to slim down,” Karina explained about the incident that happened in her teens.

“And you know unfortunately we diet and we do stuff to our bodies that is going to later on result in your metabolism and your digestion and the flora of the stomach. It’s always a problem. Sometimes you take dieting so far that it turns into anorexia or bulimia.

“But it’s so not healthy. There are so many ways to be fit and to be in great shape not to do damage to your body. But when you’re younger and you have issues with your image you go to extremes and unfortunately I don’t think we have a lot of information at hand to learn about everything that you can do without going to that extreme.”

Karina says it was this time in her life that she realized that she had to make a change and find healthier ways to stay in shape.

Wow, can you imagine worrying about you weight at only two years old? Thank goodness Karina found her way because what we do without her and her special way of amazing us on Dancing With The Stars every week?

You can read more on Karina’s personal story at OK! Magazine.