Maks Chmerkovskiy Has 10 Week DWTS Season Idea, Talks On Bristol Palin, And More

According to an article at Today, Maks Chmerkovskiy has mellowed his thoughts on Bristol Palin and when someone with low scores advances on Dancing With The Stars. Kirstie Alley has helped him a lot with that issue. He said, “Everybody deserves to be here. I’m not looking at Bristol the way I may have done in the past. She’s doing a fantastic job.” Below is more on how Kirstie Alley has helped him. He and Kirstie also provide some teasers on their “Moves Like Jagger” dance…

“I realized we might not have been the best dancing couple, but we were enjoying every week,” he explained. “I looked at Kirstie and saw the transformation and how much she loved being on the show. Everybody deserves that feeling. I hate to see anyone eliminated.”

Alas, next week there will be a double elimination. But Alley, who has a say in her and Chmerkovskiy’s dance, is hoping they won’t be one of the couples leaving.

She plans on doing a routine to Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger.” Watch for Chmerkovskiy to be appropriately decked out in tight pants and a loose vest.

“We’re going to see how you move like Jagger,” she told Chmerkovskiy.

“I have a big a–,” he replied, noting that therefore it might be difficult to fit into tight pants.

“Move like Jagger plus a half,” Alley says.

This is going to be a hoot. I can’t wait. Maks says even more about he and Kirstie’s new dance in his new blog at TV Guide. And good for Maks thinking better about Bristol. I wish I felt as good about her.

Also at Today, Maks comments on a 10 week season on Dancing With The Stars with no eliminations and someone is declared a winner at the end. Below is what he said about it….

The bad boy of the ballroom has a suggestion on how to eliminate any tensions that arise over debatable scoring and unjust eliminations.

“I’d like to see a season where everybody just dances,” he offered. “At ten weeks somebody gets called the winner. Everybody should get to experience (the whole competition.) I hate that Joey (Fatone) left.”

I LOVE the idea!! What do you think? Let’s get Miss Heidi’s thoughts…

Heidi: Heh – well, Maks better feel better about Bristol cuz Kirstie ALSO stayed over a better dancer. He’d kinda be a big fat hypocrite if he didn’t have this particular “awakening”.   As for his 10 week season with no eliminations idea – sure, that sounds cool.  But I think you’d still have to have the judging every week and then just add the scores every week for a cumulative score at the end of the season. That way you’d still have half judges and half viewer vote.  Because no matter how much people cry about the voters or whine about the judging, neither group can be trusted to get it right. There’s a better shot if both have a say.  It will never happen though, because part of ABC’s revenue is from voting, not to mention that people LIKE to vote – they feel involved, like they have a say. If you take that away…you have PBS ballroom.