Dancing With The Stars All Stars: Las Vegas Odds Going Into Week 3

Once again, the odds makers in Las Vegas are placing their bets for who will win the Dancing With The Stars All Stars Season. Going into Week 3, Sports Bovada is reporting an even tight race for 1st place between Emmitt and Apolo. Note how Shawn has made a move up the board to fighting Gilles for the 3rd position. Also, take note for how the odds makers had it completely wrong on Joey last week….

New Las Vegas Odds going into Week 3:

Emmitt Smith 2/1
Apolo Anton Ono 3/1
Gilles Marini 5/1
Shawn Johnson 5/1
Helio Castroneves 9/1
Sabrina Bryan 10/1
Kelly Monaco 22/1
Kirstie Alley 22/1
Melissa Rycroft 25/1
Drew Lachey 30/1
Bristol Palin 75/1

Last week’s odds to compare:

Emmitt Smith 3/2
Apolo Anton Ono 7/2
Gilles Marini 11/2
Helio Castroneves 11/2
Shawn Johnson 8/1
Joey Fatone 15/1
Kelly Monaco 20/1
Kirstie Alley 20/1
Sabrina Bryan 25/1
Drew Lachey 30/1
Bristol Palin 50/1
Melissa Rycroft 50/1

So, do the odds makers in Las Vegas have it right or wrong?

I’m kind of surprised to see Emmitt still at the top with such strong numbers? After last weeks dance, I thought he’d be placed in second or third. Then again, he’s got the football vote…and he’s also so “likable”. I thought Helio would be more to the bottom. In fact, I think Sabrina and Helio should switch places. Oh well, just please let them be right about Bristol!!!

Let’s get Miss Heidi’s and Court’s thoughts and please let us know your thoughts too in the comment section.

Courtney: I still don’t understand why they’ve hung their hat on Emmitt to win the whole thing – say what you will about the football vote, but I still think that every football player that has won has been one of the top 3 dancers on their respective seasons. I can’t say the same about Emmitt this season – I feel like Gilles, Apolo, AND Shawn have all cumulatively outdanced him so far, and it’s going to take a combination of votes and good dancing AND likeability (which I think has diminished a bit on Emmitt’s part, due to his comments this week) to win.  And I still think the Olympian vote will likely dwarf the football one.  Also, as much as I hate to say it, I don’t think Bristol’s odds are THAT bad – if anything, I think this week we were shown that she obviously is getting votes, no matter how badly she dances.  I can’t say the same for Drew in week 1 or Joey this week.  There’s still plenty of time for all of this to shake out – but I daresay the picture of who’s hot and who’s not is going to become quite a bit clearer after this week’s double elimination.

Heidi: Actually, I think Sabrina is right where she should be, if you take into consideration the likely power of her fanbase against the likes of Shawn, Apolo, Gilles and Emmitt.   Remember, Helio likely landed in the bottom two because his lower score. Last time Sabrina was eliminated it was the very first time she fell out of the top three on the leader board. If she has a single bad night, she could be gone. Same for Melissa. I think the top 4 MIGHT have better odds against an off night. But I thought Joey was doing better, so what do I know? 🙂  I think Bristol is too low and I think Emmitt is too high…and everyone else is about right.