Melissa Rycroft On Keeping The Choreography Fresh And More On Dancing With The Stars

Melissa Rycroft tells Talk TV World that it “felt good” getting a shot at redemption with her Jive this past week on Dancing With The Stars. She talks of how lucky she is to be paired with Tony again too.

On your original season of Dancing With the Stars, you were injured right before your live performance of the Jive, forcing the judges to score you on your taped rehearsal footage. What was it like to get a shot at redemption this week?

It felt good. You definitely felt redemption, but you also felt pressure because people hadn’t seen it and you really needed to come out and wow them with a performance. So I’m pleased with how we did, but to be honest, I’m just happy that it’s over with because I feel like that’s probably my weakest dance in all of the dancing line-up. So to get that one out of the way and to have made it on to week 3 just feels really good.

You were lucky enough to remain with your original partner Tony, while some of the other competitiors had to work with a new partner. Do you feel that’s an advantage?

To be honest, I feel like the only real advantage was on Day One of practicing, that we came in and we knew each other. You know we had an instant relationship. But I think the struggle that all of the returning couples have is that you have to keep the choreography that much more fresh. For example, the audience has already seen Melissa and Tony do a Fox Trot, so when we had the Fox Trot for Week One we had to make it so much different from what people have already seen.

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I’m just loving these two. Let’s hope they keep coming on strong and same with a push in promo every week. Every week is vital!

UPDATE: You can watch a new rehearsal video witth Tony and Melissa at Melissa talks of getting into dancing shape after having a baby. Then they discuss the double elimination and give some teasers on their iconic dance for Monday night. They are doing a Samba with tricks that have never been on the show before. They say there will be a “wow” moment at the end. Cool, I can’t wait to see.

UPDATE 2: You can watch Melissa answering twitter questions at Dancing With The Stars facebook here. I’m loving all of the promos for Melissa and Tony this season.