DWTS2012 Sabrina Bryan Blogs On Week 2, Teases On Iconic Dance, And More

Sabrina Bryan has penned a new blog at Hollywood Life. She wrote all about the week leading up to her and partner Louis Van Amstel’s Quickstep. She wrote on the elimination and how much she will miss her “Big Bro” Joey. Sabrina also gave a tiny teaser on their “iconic” dance.

After a long night and day spent thinking about the looming elimination, we were ready for the Results Show. To be asked to do the Encore Dance is such an honor, and the Dazzling Dutchman and I wanted to come out and make it as good as the first performance.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long for find out if we were “safe” or in “jeopardy.” Standing on the stage with Joey & Kym Johnson, Emmitt Smith & Cheryl Burke and Drew Lachey & Anna, I hoped to hear Tom Bergeron once again say, “you’re all safe,” but that didn’t happen. The moment Joey & Kym were put into “jeopardy,” my heart sank. I didn’t want my big bro to go home!

It was so hard to hear Joey & Kym’s names called out as the team leaving the show. I admit, even the toughest of superheros can’t always hold back their emotions and I let mine out. Sigh. I’m going to miss Joey & Kym so much! It made us realize that every week it’s going to be hard for the remaining teams, because we’ve all become so close.

The Dutchman and I are so happy and grateful for everyone who voted us back for next week’s dance. And while I can’t reveal which “iconic dance” we’ll be inspired by, I can give you a hint when I say that the dance was by two people who mean a lot to me.

Hmmm? Any guesses for who she may be talking about?

You can read the full blog at Hollywood Life.

Picture above posted at Louis Van Amstel’s Facebook page last night.