Dancing With The Stars Helio Castroneves And Chelsie Hightower “Turning The Page” (Rehearsal Video)

In a new rehearsal interview, Chelsie Hightower tells People that she and Helio Castroneves are working their “butts off” this week as they prepare for their “iconic” dance. They don’t want to be in the bottom two again like they were last week. “It was not nice”, says Helio, and “please vote”. More at People in a new rehearsal video. You can see them dancing too in several shots. Looking good!!

“[We’re] moving on,” Castroneves says. “Like in racing … Sometimes we have a bad race. When you lose a championship, it just means sometimes you have a bad pit stop.” His philosophy: “Just turn the page.”

Pic of Chelsie above was posted at Helio’s twitter last night. LOVE that hat!