Dancing with the Stars Season 15: Week 3 Predictions

This is going to be an off week on so many levels… I can just sense it. So I am going to apologize for the tardiness of last week and this week’s votes… Looking at the calculations and predictions this week (as always many thanks to Heidi for finding out Who is Dancing What:

I am actually surprised that Tony Dovolani has not done a Samba this early in the competition. That can’t be right. Well I looked at the past seasons and the earliest that Tony has done a Samba was in Week 5… which for the purposes of the predicted calculations would not be used as Week 5 is considered to be the middle of the seasons and not early.

To be honest I am surprised that Drew Lachey is ranked so low while Bristol Palin *shudders* is placed high. I guess we are going to have to see.

Taking a look at last week’s scores and comparing them with the original predictions:

As you can see the numbers when you compare the predictions to the actual are all over the place. Thus another reason why one cannot use past data for such a subjective sport. However, when one would look at the original scores (when averaged up) what I found to be interesting is that for the most part the rankings of the original scores were similar to the overall rankings of the actual scores. Sure there were a few anomalies here and there (Drew Lachey being the major one), but at least there is some consistency going on.

Like I said before, I apologize for the delay in the posts from last week and this week… and I hope to be more up to date after this week… so bare with me in the meantime.

If I were going to guess at who would most likely be going home based on what I know thus far… with Helio and Drew having already been at the Bottom Two, and this week being a double elimination… It is hard to say. However considering that both Drew and Helio are predicted to be the in the bottom three lowest scoring couples (with Kirstie) my best bet would be on one of them. Helio is most likely to go due to his predicted early eliminiation. Kirstie and Drew are also possibilities at this point based entirely on predictions, even though I would honestly love to see Bristol go too.

So I would bet on Helio going with a toss up between Drew and Kirstie… and Bristol as a wish list elimination.