DWTS Sabrina Bryan Exhausted, But Ready For Tonight’s Paso Doble With Louis Van Amstel

Yesterday, Sabrina Bryan filmed some video footage for her You Tube Channel. She’s exhausted from her Paso Doble rehearsals, but, it’s “sick”, and she says it’s going to be worth it tomorrow night. Louis says he’s been “sweeping the floor with Sabrina!” More below….

Here they are in a new rehearsal video on ET Online as well….

UPDATE: Louis has written a new blog for ABC talking of he and Sarbina’s Paso Doble and what to expect for tonight. Here’s a take, but, be sure to read the link for more.

This week we have a Paso Doble, which is not just iconic because the couple who danced it before us got three 10s but it has a high sentimental value to Sabrina. You’ll have to watch the show tonight to see the heartfelt reason why. I can’t wait to show you our Paso Doble. At the end I’m doing a trick with Sabrina that’s kinda scary and I’ve never attempted with a celeb. Cross your fingers …haha!

There’s no real pattern of dances this week as in the first two weeks. Some couples dance Paso Doble, some Tango, Cha Cha, Quickstep, Foxtrot. It’s a mix of everything. (Just as a side note, lifts are not allowed in any of the dances performed tonight, so you can look out yourself to see if any couples break the rules.) Hopefully there will still be lots of content within the dances. As Len said, he wants the celebs to go all out in their creative directing, but not go overboard so there won’t be enough content within the dance. It’s going to be interesting to see what the celebs have come up with while taking the lead in the creative department!

At the rehearsal studio there’s such a nice atmosphere. Even though we are all competing for the same trophy, we are also helping each other where we can to make sure everybody is at their best.

I love the saying, “May the best dancer win.” After all, we can only control our dancing, none of us can control the judges or you guys at home (I wish we could, haha).

In the end we are all in this together to create the best show on TV, full of entertainment, amazing journeys all while having a good time with our cast mates. I think that chemistry comes through the TV screen and makes “Dancing With the Stars” such a success.