PureDWTS Season 15 Week 3: Media And Interviews After The Iconic Dances

It’s media time after the dance on Dancing With The Stars! What a night!! I’m still so blown away by Derek & Shawn’s performance…and what about Kelly & Val (the dark horse!! Or is the dark horse Melissa and Tony?) and Apolo & Karina? I could go on and on. Ok, let’s get some reactions from the couples with George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet and more….

First up, Kirstie and Maks. They talk of embracing their characters last night. Is Maks wearing a mouth piece? LOL to having a new respect for women because his make-up hurts everywhere. So funny.

Emmitt hopes the fans are voting. He and Cheryl don’t like being towards the bottom, but, they hope to just keep focusing on the dance. What’s important is that the fans are happy. They loved the audience reaction at the end of their dance. They can’t wait to have Paula Abdul as a judge next week.

Melissa doesn’t mind being compared to a Cola by Len. She’ll take any kind of compliment. Tony couldn’t be more proud of a partner as he is in Melissa. Practice was tough all week, but, it was worth it last night when the dance came together.

George highlights Bristol’s strength and ability to tell it like it is. She’s glad the rough week is over. They are still at the bottom and hope their fans will vote and keep them in. If they survive, Bristol is excited to see what dance the couples pick for them. George tries to get more from her, but, she won’t give it. She wants to keep things in perspective (I never know what she means when she says that?).

Apolo and Karina review their placement with George. They talk of the changes we’re seeing in Apolo this season. He jokes he’s “eating a lot of soy”. Karina says it’s their ‘partnership’ and how much he’s grown as a person. If they make it, they plan to turn it up.

Kelly and Val are so excited about the “moment” they had with the standing ovation at the end of their dance. It felt “incredible”. Val talks of how he had “chills” of being appreciated as a dancer and a team… and is so thankful for Kelly. They hope to keep working harder than before and to keep focusing.

Gilles talks of the tight scores last night and being tied for fourth. It’s “dangerous” and it’s all up to the voters. They don’t know what’s going to happen tonight with the double elimination and Gilles is nervous. He’s disappointed because he could have done better.

Drew and Anna! They were happy with their scores until the other scores came out, but, they did their best and left it all on the floor and it’s all they can do. They hope to be back next week with an even better routine.

Helio and Chelsie didn’t know the dress would get in the way last night, but, mishaps happen sometimes. Chelsie praises Helio for how he recovered it and kept focused on the dance. They loved how Carrie Anne called Helio the King of the Quickstep.

Sabrina said their goal was to concentrate on technique and she was honored to recreate Mel B’s dance. She almost had a huge wardrobe malfunction (oh boy, I’m glad she didn’t. 😯 ). Louis is proud of the judges comments. He wants to keep pushing the “dancer” that Sabrina is. He says she ‘a lovely piece of clay that he can mold into any shape’ he wants.

Below are interviews with Val & Kelly, Maks & Kirstie, and Mark & Bristol with Access Hollywood. Check out how proud Maks is of Val. They are each other’s biggest fan.

Also, below is ET Online with their interviews….

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MORE coming up! Stay tuned!!! And thanks always for reading and your comments! xxx