Sherri Shepherd Reviews DWTS Iconic Night On GMA, Cast Parties At Mixology

Sherri Shepherd reviewed the dances on Good Morning America today!! Kelly and Val “wowed” her the most….not just because Val was her partner last season, but, for how good they were. Melissa and Tony impressed her too. She takes Bristol’s side in the fight with she and Mark. Sherri also doesn’t think Mark and Bristol are going home tonight. You can watch Sherri’s interview and review on the night in more detail at Good Morning America here.

Also, Henry of PopTVDotCom has some fun coverage of the cast going to an After party at Mixology. Several of them comment on how nervous they are for tonight’s double elimination. They all look stylish as ever.

Stay tuned. Heidi’s Numbers post is next and who she thinks will be eliminated!! I think Marianya might have some goodies for you too coming up. 😉