DWTS Season 15 – Week 3 Post Elimination Media

Heh. You guys are used to getting all the media from nice, sweet, kind Vogue. Now you’re stuck with ME. And Courtney. I saw Courtney being all nice in her Voguecation post. Don’t expect the same from me. :::evil grin:::

Of course, you know when I go to OTRC, I’m going to watch Gilles and Louis to see how big an idiot they’re acting. 🙂 But when I started watching Gilles, I got distracted by what Derek is doing to Anna in the background.  And she’s like…petting him or something. Dancers. Very touchy feely. Click the link to watch all of the couples.

Does Louis know at this point that he and Sabrina were bottom three? 🙂 Remember, the ballroom is VERY loud so they can’t hear all that well. Louis makes it quite clear he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s assuming Kirsti was a bottom two when she wasn’t. Sorry Louis, you were third from the bottom. Anyway, again with the “redemption” arch and how Helio was the champion Sabrina’s season. Give it a rest already. Sabrina and Helio were TIED – which means Sabrina only needed ONE vote to beat him. Not thousands….ONE.

Entertainment Tonight with Maks, Kirstie and Paula – Kirstie and Paula get after Maks a bit. 🙂 Then it’s Maks/Kirstie…and well, I couldn’t watch it all. I don’t have that kind of time. 🙂