Dancing with the Stars All-Stars: Vegas Odds Going Into Week 4

And of course the week Vogue is out of town, we have actually have the biggest odds shakeup so far this season 😛 According to Bovada, Emmitt has finally been bumped out of the top spot by Shawn, with Apolo still holding down the #2 slot.  Emmitt falls to 3rd, while at the bottom of the board, Sabrina falls hard, while Bristol makes a 3-fold jump. Crazy shuffling odds, Batman!!!

Odds going into Week 4:

Shawn Johnson – 7/4
Apolo Anton Ohno – 9/4
Emmitt Smith – 7/2
Gilles Marini – 13/2
Kelly Monaco – 12/1
Melissa Rycroft – 15/1
Bristol Palin – 25/1
Sabrina Bryan – 33/1
Kirstie Alley – 50/1

Last week’s odds going into week 3, to compare:

Emmitt Smith – 2/1
Apolo Anton Ohno – 3/1
Gilles Marini – 5/1
Shawn Johnson – 5/1
Helio Castroneves – 9/1
Sabrina Bryan – 10/1
Kelly Monaco – 22/1
Kirstie Alley – 22/1
Melissa Rycroft – 25/1
Drew Lachey – 30/1
Bristol Palin – 75/1

For the first time this season, I think they’ve actually got it JUST about right – I do think Shawn & Apolo are finale material, while the 3rd spot has become a bit of a wild card for me.  I could see Gilles, Melissa, or even Kelly swooping in to challenge the two Olympians in the finale, at this point.  I’m not so sold on Sabrina anymore, as she quite obviously wasn’t getting the votes and seems to be getting hindered by Louis’ choreography; and I am beginning to think Emmitt isn’t really in it to win it…maybe it was the donkey that made me question if he was champion material.  😛 As for Kirstie & Bristol – who the hell knows.  I’m inclined to think Kirstie is annihilating Bristol when it comes to votes, but stranger things have happened.  Heidi, care to weigh in?

Heidi: Are we using the same odds makers every week? Or do they all come up with the same odds every week?? I just ask, because that seems like it could account for minor differences in the odds from week to week.  Either way, I have to agree with Courtney in that they have it just about right this time.  I think odds are favorable that Apolo and Shawn are there at the finale. The third spot, however…I DON’T think it’s going to be either Bristol or Kirstie. Believe it or not, I still have a bit of faith that if both are still there in 3 weeks the judges will put the hammer down.  I just can’t believe they would seriously want the two of them to make a mockery of an “All Star” season, Bristol in particular.  I know that ratings rule…but I honestly believe that even including Bristol in an all star cast was a mistake that may come back to haunt them.  It’s just not credible. So, at what point does the credibility/integrity (if it ever existed) of the show out weigh the obsessive desire for ratings? I’m hoping week 6 or 7. 🙂  The quest for controversy driven ratings is a double edged sword – at some point you make a mockery.

Heidi Still: Now that I’ve mentioned that word that’s been driving me crazy in the comments lately, DO NOT start talking about how the ratings are down because of Bristol and how adversely DWTS is being impacted. That’s no more true than the ratings going UP due to her in her original season.  ALL OF TELEVISION is down. All of it. When you hear about DWTS taking a 20% dip in the ratings, it’s not catastrophic – all shows have dipped by 20 to 30%  from last season except for (apparently)  the Voice and football, both of which are holding steady.  DWTS is still beating the Voice in total viewers and The Voice is still beating DWTS in the key demo. Nothing has changed there.  What you hear on entertainment news shows is talking heads who aren’t smart enough to make distinctions. 🙂

Court: WORD. 😀 “The ratings are sooooo low!!!” is a DWTS urban legend that I’m growing very tired of debunking, along with the myth of VFTW being solely responsible for Bristol sticking around (they wish), and whether “in jeopardy” and “in the bottom 2” mean the same thing (NO).  But anyway…here’s a screen cap to cleanse your palate.  Happy Thursday, fwiends 😛

“Damn right I brought a donkey for my paso doble! His name is JaGilles…after my two favorite jackasses to ever do DWTS.”