DWTS All Stars – The Make Up Team Releases Week 3 Photos

I always find these interesting, although I rarely comment on them. This week I clicked the link to their facebook and saw an interesting series of pictures. I will narrate for you…

“Someone’s missing…Hey, Derek, get your little butt over into this picture!!” Derek: “I’m busy man, leave me alone.”

Gilles: “Come sit by me, Derek”

Apolo: “Raahahaha I danced GOOD.”

Various crew members successfully wrestle Derek in to position… “DEREK, PUT DOWN THE PHONE.”

Crew member takes his phone. Derek: “You can’t keep me here…this sucks.”

After having avoided the Make Up Teams camera for 2.5 weeks, Derek is finally captured on film. And he ain’t happy about it.

The End 😉

If you want to see all of the week three pictures, hit up DWTS Make Up Teams Facebook Page.